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Sponsorships are available for both Digging Deeper, my weekly marketing interview series for Cornett, and Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast, the companion podcast for my book Winfluence - Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand.

The two are slightly different in audience and deliverables. Digging Deeper is a weekly live stream video show aired on over five social channels (both Cornett's and mine). The audio is then repurposed as an audio podcast.

Winfluence is an audio-only podcast, but publishes twice weekly. Both are promoted along the Marketing Podcast Network.

Digging Deeper Details:

  • Thought leader interviews in the marketing industry
  • Hyper-targeted audience of brand-side marketers and agency strategists that support them
  • Live audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, on Jason Falls and Cornett channels (where available)
  • Live audiences average between 50-100 viewers
  • Periodic paid promotion on LinkedIn
  • On-demand viewing produces an average of 600+ views in the two weeks after air
  • Audio podcast episodes released same-day and average 75-100 downloads per week (and growing)
  • Distributed on all major podcast platforms
  • Podcast promoted as part of the Marketing Podcast Network
  • Recent Sponsors: Switcher Studio, Restream.io, Get.Online, Julius, PodchaserPro

Winfluence Details:

  • Hyper-focused content on influence marketing
  • Audience consists of brand-side marketers, agency strategists, influence marketing software executives and influencers themselves
  • Twice weekly audio podcast (Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • Average monthly downloads for December through February (2021-2022) was 2,150 with a dedicated reach of over 750 active listeners, all deeply engaged in influence marketing.
  • Distributed on all major podcast platforms
  • Podcast promoted as part of the Marketing Podcast Network
  • Recent Sponsors: MightyScout, PodchaserPro, Julius, Tagger, TrendHERO

Sponsor Package

The Sponsor Package features the "live read" approach with the host's authentic endorsement and recommendation of the product.

Sponsors receive ...

  • A live read/run-down or (if preferred), pre-recorded video/explainer (Digging Deeper only for videos) of why I like your product or service, featuring your preferred talking points
  • A new do-follow link in each sponsored episode show notes post on TeamCornett.com (Digging Deeper) or JasonFalls.com (Winfluence)
  • Evergreen link and show archive (post with link and episode stays live)
  • Mention and tagging in social promos of the show replay (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
    • (Facebook Followers: 2,000+; Twitter Followers: 100,000; LinkedIn Connections: 11,000+)
    • (Cornett channels: 1,900+ Facebook; 2,800+ LinkedIn; 1,200+ Twitter)
  • Full transparency on viewers, listeners, downloads, post traffic and social metrics involving your business

Cost ...

The cost of a show sponsor is $333 per week with a three week minimum ($999). Price breaks are offered at two- and six-months. ($300 per week for 2 months; $250 per week for 6 months). Singular sponsorship exclusivity is available for $550 per week.   

Note: Pricing may change as show audience increases. Sponsors will not be asked to pay more than contractually obligated once an agreement is reached. If the show blows up, you're going with me!

Advertiser Package

The Advertiser packages features a standard, 30-second, pre-recorded audio commercial inserted into the audio podcast's mid-roll slot.

Advertisers receive ...

  • One (1) 30-second pre-recorded audio advertisement placed mid-roll in the audio podcast
  • Audio recording is provided by the advertiser
  • Full transparency on listeners, downloads provided

Cost ...

The cost of a show advertisement is $200 per week with a three week minimum ($600).

Note: Pricing may change as show audience increases. Sponsors will not be asked to pay more than contractually obligated once an agreement is reached. If the show blows up, you're going with me!


  • Primary target audience of marketing decision-makers, marketing managers, digital marketing professionals, advertising and PR agency digital specialists and small business owners. Winfluence more specifically segmented to those working in the influence marketing industry (including influencers)
  • According to Julius, the total online audience (Twitter, Facebook and Website) is comprised of 35-50 year olds (73%) that skew slightly male (53%).
  • Regionally popular in New York City (7% of audience), London (6%), Chicago (3.5%), San Francisco (3.5%) and Louisville, Ky. (3.25%).
  • Most followers are classified in the $50K-$75K income range (50%)
  • According to LinkedIn, 50% of connections list Owner, Partner or CXO as their seniority level; 40% list seniority level as VP, Director or Manager
  • 26% of audience is in marketing, 18% in media and communication, 10% in sales and 9% in operations.
  • 25% of audience is at enterprise companies (201 employees and up) while the rest are smaller company employees. 47% of the audience works at companies with 50 or fewer employees.
  • 86% of my LinkedIn audience is located in the United States.

Content Requirements and Options ...

  • I must review and approve your product or service to pre-qualify sponsorship. My audience trusts me and that trust has to be respected. (required)
  • All sponsored content will be presented live (during the show's recording) and in natural voice as a genuine endorsement rather than an ad "read." Talking points can be incorporated, but no scripts will be read word-for-word. (required)
  • My preference is to develop a content element and promotion that will prove the show drives metrics you want driven (awareness, downloads, website visits, social follows, sales, etc.). We will collaborate to build a unique program that does so. I want my show to work for you or it's not worth your investment.
  • To better serve the audience and provide some measure of success, all sponsors are encouraged to develop a promotional landing page at yoururl.com/falls and provide an incentive, offer or reward for my audience. A 10% discount of your cost or service, a free product or trial, a gift for participating and etc., are starter ideas. The more relevant and exciting for the audience the better.

Let's Start Promoting Your Thing!

Fill out the form below with details about your product or service (include links, please) and I will review it, then reply. If you are a good fit for my audience, I will send an invoice you can pay online and we'll begin putting the assets in place for your sponsorship!

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