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There are four ways we can work together and I'd love to explore any or all of them!

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Let Me Help Your Brand

Lots of people can help you get influencers to post about your brand. Not many understand how to influence audiences to really get to know it. My strategic and creative approaches to influence marketing (without the R) have been recognized by clients and the industry. I want to bring those marketing smarts to you. They are offered through Falls+Partners, my influence marketing consulting firm.

You may need a celebrity influencer to bring their viral power to your brand. But you may also need influential people in your community recommend your company to their neighbors. Influence is bigger than TikTok or Instagram. I can help you decipher who is influential and has the ability to persuade the audience you want to reach to take action.

My approach can help a small business ignite sales, a large brand expand market share, or an agency increase its revenue by learning how to approach influence marketing wisely. So, let's talk!

"Falls is one of the most well-respected experts on social media. He speaks and advises companies all around the world and has won numerous awards over the years. He has been at the center of social media since it became popular in the mid-2000s. His videos, tweets and other communications are extremely informative on business related topics."

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Leverage My Industry Influence

My experiences as a strategist, author, analyst, keynote speaker and podcaster have created not only a nice audience for my content outside helping clients, but a fair amount of trust from that audience. Many consider me an influencer in the marketing space and companies routinely engage me to co-create content, review their products, assist them with trade show engagements, industry connections and beyond.

My "influence" roll has manifested itself in everything from promotional social content for products and events to hosting live streams for companies; and from writing lead-generation white papers and reports to hosting educational webinars.

If you'd like to build trust from the marketing community or need help exposing them to your product or service, let's see what that looks like with a free consultation.

"One of the great many things about Jason Falls is he knows how to inform and entertain in a very accessible, authentic and human way. And he's not an asshole. He's a very intelligent and nice guy and a great speaker."

- Amy Cosper, former Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur

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Hire Me to Speak

There's a whole page here devoted to my public speaking resume and capabilities, but bringing my perspective or expertise around social media, influence marketing, digital marketing and digital strategy to your company or event is a great way we can help each other. I enjoy sharing knowledge and entertaining a room full of smart people. You get some high-quality programming to bring your audience along the learning spectrum.

Let me know more about your keynote speaking or virtual event speaking needs and let's schedule it!

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