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Jason Falls on Winfluence

What’s Wrong With Influencer Marketing and What We Can Change in 2024

Jason Falls winds down 2023 with a "State of the Industry" reflection
Brad Hoos on Winfluence

Differentiating Between Influencer Agencies, Consultants and Services

When someone says they run an influencer marketing agency, what comes to mind? I’ve asked a few brand-side folks I know that question in the last week or two and have received a number of different responses. Some people say they think of an ad agency only that only focuses on influencers. Others say a […]
Emilee Helm on Winfluence

Cracking the Code to Gaming Influence

We’ve had a couple of episodes and conversations in the past that talk about gamers. The online video game industry is worth billions of dollars. Its content creators have some of the most captive audiences in any medium. Twitch is one of the biggest and most impactful social networks and it is dominated by video […]
Steve Woodruff on Winfluence

Why Can’t We All Just Get To The Point?

Do you know what this show is about? If you said “influencer marketing,” you’re close, but not necessarily wrong. If you said “influence marketing” you’re more right. And if you said, the exploration of how brands can apply influence in all its shapes and forms, to aide it their marketing, you’re spot-on. But if you […]
Jessy Grossman on Winfluence

Influencer and Creator Talent Management is Outdated and Needs a Face Lift

We’ve been talking to some talent managers of late. They play an important role for many creators, managing the business of their influencer status while the creator, well creates. Many of them add another perspective to the creative process, contribute ideas to shape partnerships into something more than they would be otherwise and are valuable […]
Tony Garcia on Winfluence

How One Terrestrial Radio Show Remained Relevant & Ahead of the Curve

Those of you who have watched or listened to Winfluence for a while know that I got my professional start in radio. I marched myself into the local radio station at 14-years-old and said, “I wanna be a deejay!” And for some reason they said, “Okay. You start Friday.” I pursued radio through high school […]
Kevin Grosch on Winfluence

The Man and Method Building Content Creators into Media Properties

The evolution of a content creator is something brands and agencies see, but don’t watch. Bear with me on this for a moment. It’s like the difference in hearing something, and actually listening with the intent of understanding. So we on the agency or brand side of things may run into a content creator we […]
Keith Bendes on Winfluence

Linqia’s State of Influencer Marketing Report Shows Industry Health, Shifting Brand Needs

There’s another “State of the Industry” report out this month. It actually came last week from Linqia, which is one of the enterprise influencer marketing software companies out there. These reports are always useful, so I like to report on them here on the show.  If you want to read the full report for yourself, […]
Temima Shames on Winfluence

Is Talent Management About Managing Talent, or Content?

Depending on where you are at the table in the influencer marketing space, your meal is slightly different. Creators can range from nano-influencers who barely consider themselves influencers or creators at all … to those who achieve true celebrity status and have full production teams they employ to create all that content while they live […]
Meg Casebolt on Winfluence

Is a Social Slowdown Possible in the Influencer Marketing World?

What would you do if you didn’t have access to social media for a day? How about a week? What about three and a half months? How would that change your daily habits? How would it change where you turned for information. How would it affect your business?  Now, certainly for you social media content […]
Pete Kennedy on Winfluence

Tagger Founder Peter Kennedy Discusses His Company’s Acquisition by Sprout Social

If you’ve been paying attention to the goings on in the influencer marketing world, you know by now that there was a major acquisition announced recently. Sprout Social, long known as one of the top social media management solutions in the space, acquired Tagger Media. Its main product, Tagger, is one of the leading influencer […]
Adam Tuttle on Winfluence

The Power of Marketing Automation for Brands and Creators

Marketing automation is a topic that most people dig into when they’re in the enterprise or B2B space. It’s an approach to marketing that allows you to set up triggers and events using software to drive leads, then work those leads down your funnel to conversion.  When you think marketing automation, you almost always think […]
Rachel Cihlar on Winfluence

Mavrck’s New Creator Compensation Reports Shows Indicators of Brand Evolution

The influencer marketing landscape is changing. Now, that’s not a statement many people would find alarming. It’s always changing. But when you watch the industry like I do and for as long as I have, you see the tea leaves. And when they perk up a certain way, you sense a change is a brewin’.  […]
Debra Eckerling on Winfluence

A Simple Methodology to Achieve Your Goals in Influence, Content and More

What are your goals? More importantly, do you write them down? How often do you refer to them?  Or are you like me and have vague ideas of what you want to accomplish in your head, but they kind of morph and change depending on the day? Certainly, we’re more disciplined about business goals. They […]
Sam Katz on Winfluence

The Tiers of Influence Marketing and How to Leverage Them

There are many ways to slice an apple. Or peel an orange. Or for that matter, there are many ways to get from your house to the office or grocery store … and just as many to get back.  There are also many ways to approach influence marketing. If you’ve been listening and following along […]
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