Not long ago, I wrote a piece for MarketingProfs about the four types of influencers. That typology was based on research from Jana Gross and Florian von Wangenheim, Swiss professors of technology marketing at ETH Zurich. They identified the four types in a paper titled “The Big Four of Influencer Marketing—A Typology of Influencers.”

They broke influencers down into four types — Snoopers, Informers, Entertainers and Infotainers. You can read more at the MarketingProfs article. (You have to be a member to see all of it, I think.) But the folks at Zen Media were inspired by the piece and produced an infographic from it. Check it out:

The Four Types of Influencers

Certainly, I can’t take credit for the information. That belongs to Gross and von Wangenheim. But I’ve reached out to them to discuss the typology for my book, so I’ll make sure they see they’ve inspired some fun art. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

I hope you do, too!

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