What ever happened to blogging and blogs? Thought leaders in the digital marketing space have noticeably disappeared from the blogging ranks of late. What’s going on? That’s one of the topics we discuss this week on Go Ahead Caller, along with non-profit social media and a bit of a self-indulgent jaunt down the standup comedy rabbit hole for me.

Dial it up and chime in. Love to hear your thoughts!

Remember to join me each Tuesday morning between 8 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. ET for a Facebook Live broadcast of Go Ahead Caller. Send your questions, topics, jokes, stories and ideas to me in the comments here, via the social networks (I’m @JasonFalls most places) or via email at jason – at – jasonfalls.com. And share the show with your friends. They won’t need a shot or anything. Heh.

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