What’s your creative process? How do you come up with your ideas? Those are questions one would ask most writers. When I had a chance to catch up with award-winning writer Whit Honea recently, I asked those questions and more. Whit is the author of the book The Parent’s Phrase Book and is a two-time Iris Award winner given for creativity in parenting content. He also covers the Pixar and Disney animation beat for Fandango’s website.

In this week’s influencer profile, Whit and I talk about his creative process, what resonates with audiences versus what you think will, his role as and take on influence marketing, and so much more. As I say in the episode, Whit has an amazing ability to give advice and be authoritative while mixing in those deeply personal and real anecdotes that really connect with people. So dial it up and see what you learn from Whit Honea!

Whit Honea and his creative process

To dive into Whit’s writing, you can find his book on Amazon. It’s called The Parent’s Phrase Book. He blogs at WhitHonea.com. And you can find him writing about animation on Fandango. He’s also on LinkedIn for those of you who like the professional connections.

Is there an influencer you would love to see profiled? What questions would you ask them? Jump in the comments and let me know.

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