Our focus on helping small businesses with their digital marketing takes a leap forward today! I’m proud to announce a new event product you can bring to your community to help the small businesses in your area.

The Small Business, Smart Marketing Workshops are half-day workshops that focus on the important strategic steps to take to get your small business online and generating leads. The first workshop will take place on Friday, Feb. 24 in my hometown of Pikeville, Ky., and is presented by BitSourceCommunity Trust Bank, the City of PikevilleSOAR, the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Innovation Network.

Small Business Smart Marketing WorkshopIf you’re within a reasonable travel time of Pikeville, which is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky, you’ll get a half day workshop with me and learn some critical components of small business digital marketing success. Jump over to the BitSource registration page for more information and to register. Thanks to the sponsors, the event will cost just $29.

But Pikeville’s event is only the beginning. The Small Business, Smart Marketing workshop is a turnkey event I’ll bring to your community. The content is all new and includes a worksheet with hands-on worksheets to ensure every attendee leaves with a roadmap for next steps and marketing success. In the workshop, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of branding
  • Understanding today’s digital-first consumer
  • Why search engines and social media are important for businesses
  • How to approach generating leads strategically
  • What basic components you need in place to be a lead-generating business
  • How to build a simple process to handle the work of lead-generation and nurturing

My approach here was to try and imagine what I would do to generate leads with digital marketing if I had little time, money or staff to handle it for me. That’s the situation most small businesses find themselves in, so the workshop is incredibly useful.

If you’ve already got a website up and running, the workshop will help you define how to use it more effectively. If you are just starting out, you’ll leave with a blueprint for success.

If your business or organization wishes to sponsor the event and invite your clients, prospects or members for free (or a nominal charge), I have a reasonable price point for that. If you’d rather I handle selling tickets and you partner with me to just promote the event, we can do it that way with little to no cost to you. We can also collaborate on sponsors to offset any investment you or the prospective audience may incur.

Bring this workshop to your community this spring! Learn more, then drop me a line on the marketing workshops page and I’ll call to discuss.

Now is the big question: What would you pay to attend a half-day workshop that covers all this, given by yours truly in your town? The comments, as always, are yours!

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