The biggest challenge most brands have with their social media followers is getting them to move into, then down the marketing funnel for their business. You have to find a way to get your followers to click through to your website or other place you control so you can ask them for more information about who they are.

Well, one new technology solution is making that doing easier for a company’s Instagram audience. Stampede Social let me test drive its platform with my recent ticket giveaway for the Bourbon Barbeque Louisville event I was asked to help promote.

Using the giveaway and Stampede Social’s simple hashtag-driven response system, I was able to drive my followers to a landing page and capture their contact information. I used it to draw the winners, but can use it and methods like it for so much more.

Stampede.Social connects to your Instagram account through your authorization. You then build out a trigger using a designated hashtag (of your choosing). When someone replies to an Instagram post of yours, or DMs you that hashtag, Stampede.Social sends them a direct message with a link pointing them wherever you wish them to go.

If it’s a landing page where you ask them to enter more information, one piece of which is an email address, you now have their email and their Instagram handle. You can start to build out more of an individual profile of your followers.

But you can also use the Stampede Social mechanism to replace the annoying link in bio call to action on Instagram. Instead, just have your trigger send them to the website or blog post your’e referring to. Want to give podcast or live stream listeners or watchers a simple way to follow through and buy, subscribe, read or download? Just set up Stampede Social, then on your podcast say, “Just DM me on Instagram with the hashtag #feedmejason” or whatever your hashtag is, and they’ll have a faster, more memorable way to get to your content.

Check them out at (Yes, that’s a URL in an of itself … )

Note: I posted this only as a thank you for Stampede Social allowing me to use their platform to conduct my giveaway. This is not a sponsored post, nor have I received any other benefit from the company.

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