I am not a regular podcast listener. They tend to aggravate me. Understand that it’s not that I don’t like the content or the hosts or even most guests. It’s all the technical execution of the show that drives me nuts.

Perhaps it is helpful to know that my first job out of college was as a radio producer at ABC Radio Sports. A few months into the job, I was promoted to associate producer and worked on The Fabulous Sports Babe Radio Show, at the time one of the top four most widely syndicated talk shows in the world. So my standards for an audio experience are pretty damn high, even though I left the show and ABC largely because I was in a role where I was making the show worse, not better.

Dozens of friends have told me I should start a podcast, but all the marketing talking heads have one and at this point, I’d just be a “me too” guy in that mix. Plus, I have a reverence and respect for the radio industry and wouldn’t even want to call it a podcast. I’d want it to be a “radio show” (regardless of where or how it was distributed) and would certainly not want to just yammer on about marketing and social media the whole time.

My ego gets the best of me here. I’m far too entertaining, even just to myself, to bore people with marketing nonsense. If I’m going to do it, it’s going to be more broad, more fun and highly produced. And that makes it work … as in a job-work. So while I explore what that might look like with some friends who could help, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

(Though your thoughts and ideas on what me on a podcast might be attractive to you are welcome. Why would you listen to me in addition to all your other subscriptions?)

My anal retentive-ness around podcasts aside, I’ve begun to think I’m missing something by not listening to a few shows out there. Marketing Over Coffee is fantastic and when I do listen, John Wall and Christopher Penn always deliver great value. John Jantsch does a nice interview series for Duct Tape Marketing, too. I have listened to podcasts over the years, I’m just reluctant to get into a habit of doing so.

Still, the new year gives me pause to change some modest behavior, so I’m resolving to listen to more podcasts more consistently. Here’s the list I’m starting out with. I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments:

  1. Marketing Over Coffee – Christopher Penn and John Wall – It’s a mainstay for marketers.
  2. Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch interviews smart people. He’s smart people, too.
  3. Social Pros Podcast – Jay Baer does the same thing John does, only with a social focus. And Jay’s awesome.
  4. On Brand Podcast – Nick Westergaard does what John and Jay do, but focuses on Branding. And Nick’s also brilliant.
  5. Six Pixels of Separation – Few people in the industry carry the label of someone I really look up to. Mitch Joel is one of them.
  6. The Marketing Companion – Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster are dear friends and smart as whips. Plus Tom is an old radio guy like me, so there’s a lot in common there.
  7. Inside Creative Writing – I don’t know this one well, but love the practical writing and creative tips Brad Reed gives.
  8. Ice Cream Headache – This one is a guilty pleasure. Brian & Murdock are radio guys who mostly interview comedians. But they interviewed me once and it was the most fun I’d had being interviewed ever.
  9. WTF with Marc Maron – It’s sad how much Maron’s life and perspective I find relevant.
  10. A bunch of NPR’s podcasts – I have to get my news somehow.

So? What are your favorites and why? The comments are yours.

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