One of the reasons I started blogging years ago was to help small businesses figure out all this digital stuff I was working in every day. When I talked to small business owners, or marketers at smaller businesses, I was surprised how intimidated they were by the web. Couple that with my knack for being able to explain complex things simply, and my purpose in creating content was born.

Today, I’m both proud and excited to launch perhaps the most useful online content I’ve ever produced. Thanks to the team at Get.Online, the domain name provider, I’ve launched a FREE online course to help small business owners learn to setup and launch a business website that attracts customers. It’s part of a three-course academy called the .Online Business Academy.

The other courses are amazing, too! Ryan Foland opens up the academy with a lesson on how to come up with a business idea that doesn’t suck. Kim Garst then teaches you how to write an online business plan that you will actually use. Then my course falls inline to help you take that plan and put it into action.

The academy courses are quick and easy-to-understand lessons that combine videos, written content, visuals like slides and infographics … no matter how you learn, you will learn in these courses. You don’t need prior business experience, either. So if you’re a student or work for someone else but have been noodling on an idea to launch your own business, you can’t find a better place to start.

Did I mention it’s free? As in you get access to all that expertise and advice for an investment of literally zero dollars?

Enrollment is free and unlocks cool things like a contest we’ve got coming to reward those who create the coolest business website after taking the course, discounts on .Online domain name purchases and event private consulting sessions with me.

Head over to the .Online Business Academy and start learning. You can take a section or two at a time and spend less than 10 minutes learning a little as you go. Or you can binge each course. They’re all three less than two hours. Mine is more like one hour.

Do it! Even just passively watching the course Ryan offers on coming up with a business idea that doesn’t suck will get your head churning with ideas. Kim will help you turn one into a plan and I’ll guide you through launching it with its own website.

The .Online Business Academy is at See you over there!

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