We’ve thrown around the term micro-influencer a lot on this show. The term refers to someone with generally around 5,000 to 50,000 followers. They’re probably not quite to the point of making a living doing it, but they have an impact on a fair number of people.

Lots of brands love micro-influencers because they can be cheaper and less hassle to deal with. No offense to our mega-influencer friends, but let’s be honest, once you get someone whose primary income is through influencer marketing activity, or content creation for brands, and certainly when you mix in a management person, well … brand people see layers of costs, people to deal with, paper work and so on.

That’s not to say that micro-influencers shouldn’t be paid. And certainly, anyone who is creating content for your brand, regardless of how few followers they might have, deserves to be compensated for their craftsmanship. But micro-influencers bring certain advantages to the table for businesses who want to leverage influencers or scale the number of influencers they use, without always having to find more money in the marketing budget. 

David Morneau leads a Canadian firm called Inbeat Agency which specializes in helping brands build campaigns with micro-influencers. And they’re quite good at it. I invited him to sit and chat with us about the advantages of going micro-, some of which you might find surprising.

David’s background and the seed that became Inbeat Agency, was work in SEO — Search engine optimization. Those two disciplines don’t often overlap. 

We sat down this week to talk about micro-influencers, how they can impact a brands’ SEO, reputation and bottom line. I think you’ll enjoy the discussion as we make an argument for going small with your influence marketing.  

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