My wife turned to me Sunday and said, “I just got an email marketing thing that actually caught my attention.”

I love it when she talks nerdy to me. Heh.

Apparently Nancy signed up for the email newsletter for a local restaurant she visited last week. On Sunday morning, she received her first email from The Village Anchor. The image-heavy newsletter started off with this:

Village Anchor email

The reason it caught Nancy’s eye was because we’d weathered Saturday rain outs and were hoping to squeeze in some baseball for my son Sunday. The email was dialed in to the primary concern she had on her mind this weekend — the weather. It *was* a little cloudy this morning. We *had* weathered a little rain this week and it *was* time to get out of the house.

This is a perfect example of the Relevance Bullseye. The right message sent to the right audience at the right time and (perhaps) at the right place. And all it took was looking at the email as an opportunity to address the recipient’s needs, not the senders.

Is this kind of thinking hard? No. Does it require expensive agencies or consultants? No. Does it work? More often than not, yes.

The best type of marketing is the simple kind. You don’t get much more simple than, “Come in from the rain and let us put a smile on your face.”

Bravo, Village Anchor. Bravo.


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