Probably the biggest mistake businesses make with their paid search strategy is they set it and forget it. Find the keywords you care about, throw some money behind them, test for a decent return or conversion rate and then just keep bidding on the same words. If that sounds like you, your paid search strategy needs a revision.

Amy Bishop is not only an expert on paid search, having worked with a number of brands — large and small — on pay-per-click and other digital marketing strategies through the years, but is passionate about mapping the customer journey to paid search executions. So, I invited her in to explain all that and help us understand what we need to do today to check, revise and better execute on paid search.

Dial it up:

You can find Amy online at Cultivative Marketing, on Twitter at @hoffman8 and on LinkedIn as well.

The worksheets Amy mentioned in the episode can be found at the links below. Note that you’ll have to download the files as editing them in Google Docs would put your information in the file for everyone to see, so they’re only viewable/downloadabe:

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