When you have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, you should always take it. When I found out I could get Chris Gibson on the line to pick his brain as it were about being an online content creator, an influencer who has created a career over the last 15-plus years doing that kind of thing, I knew I had to jump at the chance. 

Chris is known as one of the world’s foremost skincare experts. He published a book in 2004 called Acne Free in 3 Days. He went on a multiple-year media tour and became well known before YouTube, Instagram or TikTok existed.

Then in 2018, he started paying more attention to YouTube and has since migrated his traditional media and website following to an active online and social media one. His experience of ups and downs being a content creator are a treasure trove of knowledge that we will mine today.

This episode of Winfluence is going to be a little different than my normal interviews, thought. It turns out Chris had so much to say that I just stayed quiet and let him go. So I’ve edited things with more of a narrative approach to tie all the finer points together for you. 

But let me assure you, there’s a lot here for you content creators to learn. And all of it is extremely useful for brand and agencies to understand, too. 

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