For those of you who listen regularly, have read my book or follow me on social channels, you know the difference between influence marketing and influencer marketing. One is focused on the noun. When we say “influencer” marketing, your brain is conditioned to think about Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

The other, is focused on what you’re trying to accomplish. The verb. You wish to influence. You don’t wish to influencer. That makes no sense. 

Still, most brands and agencies are conditioned by the R to be very tunnel visioned on leveraging those who have large or relevant social media audiences. They look at follower counts. Some smarter one also look at engagement rates. The good ones also look at content and brand alignment. 

But even those good ones are often still seeing the opportunity with blinders on.

I can help you remove those blinders and really focus on influencing, not just influencers.  

I’ll explain how in today’s commentary.

Today, I welcome a new sponsor to the show. I’ve been testing TrendHERO for the last week. It’s a new but advanced influencer marketing software platform specific to Instagram. TrendHERO can help you search and discover Instagrammers based on a wide range of filters, from nano influencers, all the way to celebrities. There are over 90 million profiles in their database. 

The feature I like most is its advanced fake followers check. They also have an algorithm that tells you how real the comments are on a given Instagrammer’s content. So if you’re in a vertical that might be susceptible to comment pods and fake followers, TrendHERO can help you suss out which Instagrammers are worth it and which aren’t.

The great thing about TrendHERO is they’re giving you a 14-day free trial just for listening to Winfluence! And if you decide you want to use the platform after that, the lite plan is just $15.99 per month. 

Sign up for that free trial now at

NOTE: Photo by Scarbor Siu on Unsplash

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