We’ve got a special episode today for a couple of reasons. First, my pal Jay Baer has new research out on the Time to Win. It’s a fascinating study on how responsiveness in all its variations really can be the difference between getting new business and not … and keeping business and not.

Jay and I came up together as social media talking heads, if you will. His Convince and Convert blog and his awesome insights and ideas about social media catapulted him to become one of the most sought after speakers in the marketing space. His work took him through several themes, and best-selling books, but has sort of always revolved around customer service, customer care and customer experience.

His book Hug Your Haters was a fantastic look at how the social media customer care theory of engaging those who slam you online became an instant handbook for customer experience professionals. He followed that with perhaps the best book ever written about word-of-mouth marketing. It’s called Talk Triggers. I refer to it a lot and even included some of the research from it in my book.

One of the fundamental things that makes Jay’s books far more thorough and impressive than mine or those of many others, is they are typically based upon a foundation of original research. Hell of a formula to write best-selling books if you can muster it. Jay can. And he’s good at it.

For his next big act, Jay has done original research around that topic of brand responsiveness. And the ideas and insights he’s sharing as part of his speaking engagements and webinars these days are fascinating and inspiring for all brands and businesses. 

I invited Jay to join me to talk about The Time to Win on a recent episode of The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show. That podcast and streaming video show is the second reason this episode of Winfluence is a bit of a treat. I’ve not shared a lot about my other podcast here, so this gives me impetus to do so.

As you all know I took on the challenge of becoming the executive vice-president for marketing at CIPIO.ai, in November. We’ve since launched a content strategy to help educate the market … and that means all of you … on the concept of Community Commerce Marketing. That’s activities that help brands grow by working through its community of customers, fans, followers, employees and more as a starting point. 

The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show is our weekly interview series with thought-leaders and experts from the world of marketing, business, sales, e-commerce, and community building. The underlying focus is to make the audience smarter about leveraging community to drive their brand’s growth. 

Influence marketing is part of it. CIPIO.ai even has a dandy influence marketing software solution that starts with your brand community as influencers. But the show goes beyond that into topics we wouldn’t normally cover here on Winfluence. 

You can subscribe to The Rise at cipio.ai/podcast or by searching for The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show wherever you get your podcasts. The show’s also stream each Wednesday at 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific on CIPIO.ai’s LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter channels. I often simulcast it on my Twitter channel, too. Make a note on your calendar to check it out, if you’re interested.

Today, though, I’m going to play the episode of The Rise from a couple weeks back when Jay Baer came on to talk about the Time to Win. Those of you watching will see a replay of that stream, in full technicolor. Those of you listening on the podcast feed will hear the full episode as well. I’ll come on after as I usually do to share some final thoughts.

The Winfluence theme music is “One More Look” featuring Jacquire King and Stephan Sharp by The K Club found on Facebook Sound Collection.

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