The evolution of a content creator is something brands and agencies see, but don’t watch. Bear with me on this for a moment. It’s like the difference in hearing something, and actually listening with the intent of understanding.

So we on the agency or brand side of things may run into a content creator we find on Instagram who is doing interesting things around the topic we’re focused on for our brand or client. We reach out to them, maybe do a sponsored post or some other type of trial run content collaboration. We appreciate their work and their, let’s say 50,000 followers there.

And then we move on to other clients, other campaigns, other creators. A year or two passes by and we think, “Hey! That one creator might make a good candidate for this campaign.” We reach out to them and chat about the possibility, then have to swallow hard when their rates have grown exponentially. Because they have changed.

Now they have 1.5 million followers on TikTok or their YouTube channel exploded. Or they were hired to be the host of a TV segment for some brand. Now they have a talent manager and have turned their content into a business. 

We saw it, but didn’t watch. If we had, maybe we would have kept that relationship going. 

Content creators who are doing so with intent are trying to become media properties. They want to hire teams of people to do all the busy work while they create the concepts and sit out in front of the camera. They build audiences to sell advertising or brand partnerships for so they can grow their empire.

It’s that leveling up that falls into the purview of Kevin Grosch. He is the founder and CEO of Made In Network. The company does a lot of things, but its core capabilities are focused on creating content and building media properties for content creators.

They do the same thing for brands, too. 

When I connected with Kevin recently, I had a ton of questions. When do content creators turn to outside help for doing what they already do? What tricks do you have to build those big media properties? Can you make me famous?

Instead of just chatting about it offline, I asked Kevin to come to the show and help us all understand more about that evolution of today’s content creator past influencer to media property and brand. How his company helps them and brands and how we can all benefit from knowing how its done.

We learn more from Kevin Grosch today on the show. - The Community Commerce Marketing Company

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Kevin Grosch Episode Summary

In this episdoe of Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast, host Jason Falls sits down with the brilliant Kevin Grosch, the founder and CEO of Made In Network. Get ready to dive into the world of building content creators into media properties!

As the episode begins, Jason and Kevin discuss the importance of identifying the objectives or goals when working with brand partners. Whether it’s better serving existing clientele or reaching a new audience, having a clear strategy is key. Kevin emphasizes the value of engaging content creators who can influence their audience to buy products, rather than solely relying on popular platforms like Instagram or TikTok. He believes that many brands and agencies overlook the immense potential of content creators and miss out on building long-term relationships.

Next, the conversation turns towards the role of Made In Network as a production company for content creators. Kevin describes his studio as a supportive infrastructure that helps bring creators’ ideas to life and to the market. The studio aims to be an extension of the creator, providing support while allowing them to maintain creative control. Creators seek the help of the studio to alleviate some of the responsibilities they’ve been handling on their own.

The discussion then moves to the evolution of content creation platforms. While YouTube was once the main platform for content creators, other platforms like Instagram and TikTok have become primary locations for certain creators and businesses. However, YouTube still holds a central position due to its monetization capabilities and content discovery features. The goal now is to build healthy communities across multiple platforms and maximize audience development and brand partnerships.

Finally, Jason and Kevin delve into the methodology used by Made In Network to integrate brand partners within the programming. They aim to bridge the gap between influencer marketing and traditional media marketing by combining traditional approaches with online strategies. Some brand partners even express a desire to build their own communities instead of relying solely on access to creators’ audiences. As a result, Made In Network provides white glove service and creative ideation to help brands succeed in building their own programming and organic communities.

This episode of Winfluence is a goldmine for anyone interested in the transformative power of content creators and the strategies used to turn them into media properties. Whether you’re a content creator yourself or a marketer looking to leverage the influence of creators, the insights shared by Kevin Grosch are sure to inspire and educate. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired by the Man and Method Building Content Creators into Media Properties!

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