We learned on a recent episode of Winfluence that we’re all gamers. If you play Wordle, or 2048 or Solitaire on your phone, you’re considered a gamer. When you think of the label that way, and filter that label through the lens of influence and influencers, a stereotype is shattered a bit, right?

Gaming is a $250 billion industry. The demographic of a gamer isn’t what you think. The demographic of the gaming audience isn’t what you think, either. 

One of the things about gaming I personally have had a hard time with about gaming is understanding why anyone would want to sit around and watch other people play games. But millions do. Whether they’re watching to learn game tips and secrets to get better, or just watching to be entertained, millions and millions of people do just that. 

Because there’s an audience there, there are influencers. Some play their games for others to watch. Twitch has been built largely on the backs of these types of folks. But others create how-to videos and instruction and entertainment around games. Still others are creating content about the products and services around gaming, like controllers and peripherals.

Gamers are also now teaching people about the Metaverse since virtual reality is second nature to them. Video games have offered VR options for years now. 

There are all kinds of reasons to look to gamers as part of your influence marketing, even if you’re not a tech or gaming product company. 

Jordan Mauriello is the managing partner at More Yellow, a branded content and gaming influencer management firm. He not only has a roster of gamers who create great content, but a team that helps brands navigate partnerships and creative content ideas to leverage relationships with gamers. 

I took another step in my own efforts to educate myself on the gaming segment of our industry with a great chat with Jordan, who opened my eyes to even more nuances of gaming, partnering with gamers, brand success there and beyond. 

I’m sure you’ll learn more as well.  

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