We’ve got a little holiday feed drop you today. I know many of you may not pick up the podcast player during this yule tide season or even on until the New Year, but if you’re like me you get through the festiveness and overeating and need a little alone time with a good podcast.

Of course many of you will be traveling … perhaps with family or alone to see family. Some of you will be driving for a considerable distance while the kids zone out to their devices or DVDs in the back. So, an episode like this has some utility for you.

Today, I’m going to share with you an episode of The Fuel Podcast with Keith Smith. It is perhaps the finest podcast out there devoted to agency new business. It’s supported by The Advertist, which is a new business development resource based out of the United Kingdom. But the strategies, ideas and conversations Keith discusses in the show are perfectly appropriate and relevant for agencies anywhere in the world.

In fact, a lot of the conversations had on The Fuel Podcast are global in nature, including the one you’ll hear today.

I’m sharing with you the Christmas bonus special of the show which dropped on its main feed just a couple of weeks ago in which Keith interviews legendary creative strategist Paul Grubb. His current position is as regional creative director at Wunderman Thompson in Bangkok, Thailand. One of his charges is running Ford’s business across Asia. 

His career has included being a partner in Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters. They were one of the UK’s most respected and successful independent agencies of the 1990s. He also ran the Unilever business across Asia for Lowe Worldwide for sometime. .

Now, the Fuel Podcast is quite different from Winfluence in that Keith goes in deep on a number of topics with his guests without a lot of concern for a time limit. Some of the episodes of the show can go 90-minutes, up to two hours. But there’s so much goodness and insights to be had there, it’s worth the time, if you can make it.

Hopefully, you can with this episode. It runs about an hour and 20 minutes. You’ll get all of it as recorded … no commercial interruptions. 

If you like it, jump over to thefuelpodcast.com and subscribe. The Fuel Podcast is also one of our sister shows on The Marketing Podcast Network, so you can find it there … that’s at marketingpodcasts.net.

Enjoy this feed drop holiday treat from Keith Smith and The Fuel Podcast. I’ll be back with a new episode of Winfluence on Monday, as usual. 

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