Humanizing marketing automation is one of those topics I get really passionate about. The term “marketing automation” actually irks me. To think that your customers are so unimportant to you that you would build a system so  you don’t have to engage with them kind of makes me sick to my stomach.

But I get it! For any business to be able to scale, you can’t handle every customer touchpoint manually and in an one-on-one fashion.

That’s why I’ve composed webinars to show people that humanizing marketing automation is important. I’ve written guest posts over at IBM Think Marketing about the subject, too.

So when my pal Heather Dopson forwarded an email to me she received after purchasing an item from Native, an all-natural deodorant product, I got giddy.

Feast your eyes on this auto-response email after her purchase:

That’s not just a customer thank you, that’s a Holy Smokes Content thank you.

And then when the order went through, she got this:

Humanizing Marketing Automation - Example

That’s a company going out of their way to make their customer feel super important, or at least give them a chuckle. And it didn’t take one person seeing Heather’s order and then thinking of something to write and then composing and email … it fired automatically. Native sat down and planned their customer journey and built humanity into their automation.

Well done, Native.

And thanks to Heather for sharing the email … not to mention her personal hygiene preferences. Heh.

How can you build humanity into your marketing automation efforts? It’s not just through clever auto-response emails. Share your ideas in the comments!

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