Most small businesses think building a lead generating website takes thousands of dollars and hours of work. But all you need to have a lead generating website is a page with a form.

Certainly, the lead generating happens faster and more effectively if you have a great piece of content to lure in those leads. Yes, it will likely perform better if you have a nice design and such. But any small business can build a lead generating website in 10 minutes.

And I can prove it. I actually built one in six minutes last week as a part of a workshop I’m developing for small businesses. Here’s what it looks like:

lead generating website sample

I used Google Sites and Google Forms, both free tools associated with my free Google account. I didn’t go find stock photography to use because Google Sites has pre-loaded basic images for you to use. I didn’t build anything other than one page and then made the Google Form part of that page. I took a moment or two to pick some colors and then I wrote the questions, some basic text to entice people to fill out the form and then I published it. (You can see the live site here, though it’s a test site and doesn’t actually trigger anything I’m doing at the moment.)

Even if you’re technically deficient, simple tools offered like those at Google, GoDaddy and other places enable you to launch a simple site with a simple form. If you can then add an element of value to incent people to fill out the form (we’ll cover lead-gen payoff content next week), then it’s just a matter of getting your target audience there to consider giving you their contact information for whatever it is of value you can provide.

Building a lead generating website isn’t hard. It doesn’t have to be time consuming. And all small businesses can and should have one. If you’re having trouble getting yours up and running, drop me a line. I’d be happy to help point you in the right direction.

What other small business resources have you established that weren’t hard, time consuming or complicated? The comments are yours!

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