The world of content creators is far more diverse that you think. I’ve personally worked with influential voices who produce furniture, pour concrete, sell steel cages in warehouses … there are creators out there for every niche and business vertical. 

Occasionally on Winfluence, we like to bring a content creator on the show to explore how they built their brand, but, for our brand and agency folks, I like to ask them how they partner with brands, what makes a collaboration work well and such. I find it helpful for us to see different approaches that we might incorporate into our influence marketing plans.

Corina Layton has built a fairly impressive social footprint on Instagram and TikTok. She’s young, attractive, has a dog and a lot of the other elements of the living your best life influencer crowd. And some of her content is that interesting lifestyle mix. 

But her core content is that of being a dental hygienist. With 2.4 million TikTok followers and another 125,000 or so on Instagram, she may be the most popular dental hygienist in the world. She’s done some very interesting brand partnerships and connected with brands in the dental care space, and has a unique perspective brands and agencies can learn from.

Of course, you prospective creators out there can pick up some inspiration as well. 

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Corina Layton Transcript

Corina Layton TRANSCRIPT

[00:00:00] Jason: On this episode of Winfluence.

[00:00:01] Corina: I for a time there was letting like analytics and views and all of that run my life. And actually my views were worse in that respect, because I think I was too stressed and I was too focused. Even just in my normal daily life. And then it’s like, oh, and then I have this conference and then I gotta go here and I gotta do this. Like I was still working 40 hours a week and then traveling for conferences over the weekend.

Now literally, I rarely ever look at my analytics. It’s only when like my publicist or my agent and they’re like, hey, what are your analytics, I was like, oh yeah, those.

[00:00:33] Jason: There’s a difference between being an influencer and actually influencing. I’m Jason Falls, and in this podcast we explore the people, companies campaigns and stories that illustrate that difference. Welcome to Winfluence, the Influence Marketing Podcast

Hello again friends. Thanks for listening to WinInfluence the Influence Marketing podcast. The world of content creators is far more diverse than you think. I’ve personally worked with influential voices who produce furniture, pour concrete, sell steel cages and warehouses.

There are creators out there for every niche and business vertical. Occasionally on Winfluence. We like to bring a content creator on the show to explore how they built their brand, but for our brand and agency folks, I also like to ask them how they partner with brands, what makes a collaboration work well and such. I find it helpful for us to see different approaches that we might incorporate into our influence marketing plans as well.

Corrina Layton has built a fairly impressive social footprint on Instagram and TikTok. She’s young, attractive, has a dog, and lots of the other elements of the, living your best life Influencer crowd has, and some of her content is that interesting lifestyle mix.

But her core content is that of being a dental hygienist. With 2.4 million TikTok followers and another 125,000 or so on Instagram, she may be the most popular dental hygienist in the world. She’s done some very interesting brand partnerships and connected with brands in the dental care space and has a unique perspective brands and agencies can learn from.

Of course, you prospective creators out there can pick up some inspiration today as well. A fun conversation coming up with the tooth fairy Corina Layton on Winfluence.

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 How one dental hygienist amassed over 2.5 million online followers and what she has to say about brands, collaborations creating and more. Corina Layton, the Tooth Fairy is next on influence.

 Corina, I think the fun irony in your story is that a dental hygienist is probably one of the last people we expect to see social media content coming from. Yet here you are with. 2.3 million followers on TikTok, another 115,000 or so on Instagram. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, you’re probably the most popular dental hygienist in the history of the world. So tell us how you got started doing this.

[00:05:34] Corina: Yeah, so I got started like a year and a half, two years ago maybe. Honestly, right during the pandemic, the height of the, you know, pandemic was when everybody, we were all bored out of our minds, we were all just taken to TikTok and even now I will hear those like trending sounds back and it just, like, has like a special place in my heart of nostalgia for me.

But no, I started really actually taking like TikTok seriously when I moved to Philadelphia and started my job. And then when I did a video, it was just a trend. Things that patients like say to me every single day and it’s like, and you just like do this trend and then everyone was like, what on earth is that chair that she’s sitting on.

And that is kind of, I guess where my claim to fame was, was my saddle chair which, I’ve since then moved out of Philly and I like purchased my chair from my doctor. Cause you have to get it through like, Henry Scheiner Patterson, like these bigger companies.

And so I was like, well, I’m taking it with me cuz I’m not gonna go through the hassle of having to try to get it again. And so literally it’s like sitting in my room. It’s actually like behind me. But, yes. so, that I guess is kind of like how it started and then it’s just progressed from there. And I love to educate. That’s my main thing is, taking to social media to educate and to be able to kind of just show who I am in that us dental people like, I promise we’re not out here to hurt you, but everybody thinks that we are.

[00:07:00] Jason: Well, just so you know, my dental hygienist is named Tina, and I call her Tina, the tooth terrorist. So…

[00:07:07] Corina: Oh, aw. Poor Tina

[00:07:10] Jason: It’s all, friendly, good fun. I like her plenty, but yeah, it’s not the most pleasant thing you have to do, but you have to do it. I’m curious, why do you think you’ve been able to build such a big following?

And I don’t, mean this disrespectfully at all, but when I look at your content, I see a few things. First of all, your main dental hygiene content is unique. There’s not a lot of dental hygienists out there creating content that I’ve found, so you got that going for you.

But, that’s not like a vertical like fashion or beauty that’s like overrun with content creators. I also see, a Gen Zer, I guess living her best life. So there’s that content that appeals to that age group. I see a good mix of work and life, which is appealing for followers. Maybe not as much for brands who are hoping you’ve got a really concentrated audience of all dental hygiene practitioners maybe.

You mix in your dog, you’ve got some good food content. There’s a lot of variety there, which most people who do this would say is not the best way to build a loyal following. Is there something that ties all that together that you attribute your following to, or is it maybe the variety?

[00:08:08] Corina: So more recently, just because I have moved out of Philly, is that I have been just posting, cuz right now, I mean I’m just, waiting for my dental hygiene license to come in. So it’s like right now I’m just kind of like taking my followers on this journey of just yeah, living my best life.

And just being comfortable in my own skin and going out and having lunch by myself if I want to, you know, kind of things like that.

But for the most part, I do agree, I typically stay within that dental niche. I don’t usually expand out as nearly as much as I have now because those videos just didn’t do well. Cause people didn’t follow me for my life. But like they’re, kind of getting to that point that they’re starting to see like, oh, she’s actually maybe doing this or whatever, and I would say like I have attracted followers, I guess in a sense. Like people follow me. I read the comments and people are like, oh, like she’s hot. Or you know, they’ll just say stuff like that. So it’s like, yes, of course that’s a factor in it. Or it’s just I have a lot of actual like dental people and I get a lot of like, dental questions and usually I’ll just like message them like directly cuz I feel like that’s the best way if it’s something specific.

But no, I kind of have like a very wide variety of followers. But I don’t know. I think I’m a very social, butterfly type of a person, for me, I’m like, if I can share kinda all little aspects of my life, the people who are interested in it, they’ll follow. And the people who aren’t, they will unfollow. And that’s where I’m at.

[00:09:30] Jason: That’s how it goes. I think the underlying thing, I think that ties it all together is just your personality. You know, whether you’re a, dental hygienist or whether you quit that and go be a fashion designer or whatever, the personality is what brings people along.

Now, I know you spend some time, you mentioned on TikTok, replying to fan questions and even respond. You even respond to some of the dumb stuff people post, which I applaud you for. I think that part of your appeal is that you keep your fans in check as much as they do you.

So, I’m curious how do you strike that balance between content that’s within the guardrails of kind of the dental hygiene, the overt reason people may follow you, and that personality type content that isn’t teeth related.

[00:10:12] Corina: I think that’s like a, tough question. So if someone’s just being very blatantly rude to me the other day and I literally like straight up, got out of bed and was like, this person’s clearly just trying to pick a fight with me.

I will post on my instagram, on my story. If someone is bashing me, calling me names or whatever, I will screenshot it and I will be like, FYI, just keep all y’all in check. You ever send me a message even remotely like this, I will block you. I don’t care. And then I like usually just like put a little, like snarky, whatever, something sassy. That’s just like my personality.

Like one of them was like, oh, like blah, blah, blah, like, quit showing your butt or whatever. And I was like, well, maybe if it wasn’t so big, like it wouldn’t be easier to hide. Like, sorry, you know? and then people are like, oh, like a plus on the, you know, comment back. Or people are supportive and they’re like, just you do you like, screw those people.

And so, I try to just be authentic and be myself and I think once again, if I’m able to show that I am human too, that other people will come forward because TikTok is a wonderful platform. If like you’re going through something or whatever, there’s so many other people out there who are probably going through the exact same thing too.

[00:11:22] Jason: How deeply do you dive into analytics and, let the data guide what you post, when you post it, or are you one of those people who just publishes what you feel good about in the moment?

[00:11:31] Corina: Yep. that’s pretty much it. I, for a time there was letting like analytics and views and all of that run my life and actually my views were worse , in that respect because I think I was too stressed and I was too focused even just in my normal daily life.

And then it’s like, oh, and then I have this conference and then I gotta go here and I gotta do this. Like I was still working when I was in Philly, but I was working 40 hours a week, you know, and then traveling for conferences over the weekend that it’s like some months I would work, conference come back Monday, work or traveling.

I was just so stressed because I want to always perform my best for my job. Whether that be I’m traveling to a conference to represent a brand or I’m doing a brand deal and posting about it, I want it to be my best number one, so that they’ll hopefully resign and, you know, it’s a form of income, but also just to continue to just build that professional relationship, cuz very much so I don’t want to be on TikTok forever. I will be on TikTok, but I don’t want that to be, you know, kind of like where everything is coming from.

So I try now, literally, I rarely ever look at my analytics. It’s only when like my publicist or my agent and they’re like, hey, what are your analytics? And I was like, oh yeah, those.

[00:12:46] Jason: Got somebody to look at ’em for you. That’s even better. At the same time, just to kind of give the content creators who are listening out there a little bit of background and an inspiration maybe. Are you posting content throughout the day as it comes, or do you sit down and plan a calendar and think of things to shoot and post ahead of time?

How much of the process of being a content creator is formal? Versus, oh, that’s a good idea. Let me film that and post it real quick.

[00:13:09] Corina: Yeah. So, if I haven’t posted anything and I see some trend or whatever come up, I will instantly do it, edit it right then and there, post it. Cuz I was like, shoot, I have to put out content for today. And this was mainly around like the holidays, this past holiday season, there were a ton of trends where, it was more like interactive trends where now a lot of the trends are voiceovers and so it’s, changing the like type of trends that like we’re seeing.

And so the kind of acting ish, I guess, ones that were more interactive just over this past holiday season. I mean, I would sit down like at the end of my day my doctors are just like doing notes, whatever, like I’m clocked out and I’m literally batching content, and I would do that for multiple days.

I don’t like to usually post multiple videos in the same scrubs during the day. I want it to, people look on my profile, they just see uniqueness. Not like, oh man, she posted six videos, and that singular like I’m desperate, or, you know, whatever.

And so, I try to batch content on different days that I’m in different colored scrubs. And then I just periodically throughout my day I’m like, what am I feeling? And I look at my drafts and I’m like, hmm, that’s a good one for today. And, I will like overlay text, so that I can easily come back to it in my draft.

I don’t have to re-watch the video, but I’ll be like, oh, like, just whatever the trend kind of is just a rough idea that I at least know otherwise, it just wastes time and I try not to, people are like, oh, you need to get off social media. Like you spend way too much time on it.

And I was like, honestly, like for a content creator, I really don’t. I try to like have a good work life balance, but also, yeah, you have the informal posting rate then and there. If I haven’t posted anything otherwise, I try to kind of like just periodically post throughout the day, kind of different trends, different style of trends.

[00:14:57] Jason: Good to know. We’re talking to Corina Layton. She is Corina underscore 9 0 7 on Instagram and TikTok, and likely the world’s most well loved dental hygienist. I mean, name another one that has two and a half million followers online. When we come back, I want to get into the nitty gritty of brand partnerships and the balance between the career that got her here and the career of creating stay tuned.

 Welcome back to Winfluence. Talking to Corina Layton today. She is a TikTok celebrity star person. She just did a, virtual teeth cleaning for me during the break, which is much less painful than Tina, the tooth terrorist. I see regularly here in Louisville. Tina will love getting a mention on the show I’m sure.

Corina is a dental hygienist who has amassed over two and a half million followers on social media, giving people tips and tricks about taking care of their chompers. Corina, we were talking about how you manage and create content before the break. Let’s shift now to how you manage the dual careers you have.

You are a dental hygienist, but you’re also now a very successful and monetizable content creator. You work with an agent or management firm, you do brand deals and such. Is there a point where that career overtakes the other career, which is what got you here, and do you worry about going all in on content creation, that that may hurt your following in some way since dental hygiene is the horse you rode in on?

[00:16:19] Corina: Yeah, that’s, honestly, that’s a really good question. So first and foremost, I love my job as a dental hygienist. And I feel like that is portrayed in my videos when I’m either talking about whatever it may be.

I think always, I will probably always work one or two days a week. Like if it ever came down to it. I definitely get stressed. I know that previously I was like, 40 hours a week dental hygienist, like people are like, oh, like she must be part-time, like only works a couple, no, 40 hours a week, like full-time, nine to five. I got a nine to five.

And then If it’s lunch breaks, it’s at the end of the day creating content or coming in early and creating content for brand deals, I try to always shoot stuff like when I’m by myself because I’m just more comfortable. If I’m doing like a brand deal so that it’s quiet. You don’t have the pumps on running in the background and there’s that.

And then it’s like, I said, I travel to then go to dental conferences to either speak on product or to just stand at a booth and help educate and kind of more of a, I guess a sales role, which a lot of dental hygienists actually end up shifting to, because hence the saddle stool. It’s for ergonomics if we have bad ergonomics, musculoskeletal disorders.

So for me, I will always be just repping ergonomics forever. But it’s like I kind of have like all these three different things in my life. I don’t necessarily think that content creation will like overshadow my dental hygiene job just because I really, really love my job that I don’t think I would ever give that up.

 But I can definitely see in the future just maybe temping, so like being a temp hygienist, just filling in if somebody like has to go and like, I mean, I have my own saddle turn now. Like you can green screen stuff on the back. I know a lot of people do that just to kind of get creative in how they create content.

But at the end of the day, I’m a dental hygienist and dental hygienist first, content creator second. Yeah. I don’t know.

[00:18:09] Jason: I mean, it’s really refreshing to hear that because it’s easy for people when they create content and they get a following and they, tap into a trend and suddenly they have a big audience on online. It’s easy for the ego to take over. It’s easy for you to get distracted by, ooh, 2.3 million followers. Well, that means I can monetize that and I don’t need to worry about this other thing anymore or there’s more money over here.

It’s really refreshing to hear someone who’s like, no, this is what I do. That thing’s just something that happened and I enjoy it, but this is who I am.

[00:18:40] Corina: Dental hygiene school was hard, so how to make it worth it. Right?

[00:18:44] Jason: I’m sure. Now you’re following, obviously is big enough to justify having help. You’ve got a talent management firm or agency that helps you. When did you make the shift to having that talent management assistance and, did you go looking for it or did they come to you? How’d that all happen for you?

[00:18:59] Corina: Yeah, so my agent actually found me and messaged me on Instagram and I was like, this is shady. I was like, no, I’m not giving you my personal information. But no, like it was October of 2020. And then more recently, cuz now I’m in the process of, working with them and then I hired a publicist, which is how we got in contact a PR agency.

So then now they’re helping me get into more like, kind of just these authentic interactions where it’s, once again, I’m, like I said, I don’t wanna be on TikTok forever, you know, like as in that respect, I, will eventually grow up, I don’t know we’ll see how it goes.

But, they reached out to me. I found my, PR agency. That was all me. But no, my agent, yeah, he found me. And they’ve been great. And I mean some deals are a lot, they’re with huge companies and others are like, not a lot cuz it’s just a startup.

And for me, If I believe in something, I’m not gonna like discriminate based off of what they’re going to pay. It just depends on what’s the deliverable that they want, because it is also like time and effort. It’s a job. You have to, I wanna always be worthy of my wage, but also there needs to be that mutual respect with brands and myself.

[00:20:04] Jason: Well, and I wanna ask you a little bit more about that too. I mean, you’re obviously a superstar in the dental world, and I’ve seen that you’ve even been invited to rep and speak at conferences and trade shows. You mentioned that earlier as well, what’s your litmus test for brands that you’ll collaborate with?

Do they need to really be hyper focused on dental care and that world, or do you expand out to other products and services and what makes those a good fit for you?

[00:20:26] Corina: Yeah. Great question. So there’s a couple companies that have reached out to me, I’m not gonna say it, but I don’t believe in their product, like big dental companies. One of them I was like, oh, like my doctor actually used something competitive right now, so I don’t want to interfere with my job. And you know, do this brand deal with you like, I guess kind of like, like a little white lie. It’s true.

But I mean, I try to just be like as polite and respectful that I can, when I’m turning something down. But, if I’m not totally a hundred percent about it, but I’m like, at the end of the day it’s a job. Like we don’t always love our job. Like I tell my agent and I’m like, you double check and make sure that they will do, that they are okay with a review style. Like deliverable in a sense opposed to, oh, I love this product, you have to go buy it. No.

All right. I tried it. This thing is kind of weird, but you know, I mean, to each their own, I say, you know, if you want, try it. But, you know, at the end of the day it’s just something new to kind of add into your, daily routine, you know, whatever, like stuff like that.

And so that’s kind of where, I’ll have like a little bit more play cuz, there’s just some content creators out there that it’s like, I’ll even watch them, like brush their teeth with their brand deal that they got with an electric toothbrush. And I’m like, you’re not even brushing correctly, and like, what are you doing? Like, why are you brushing back and forth? If it’s an electric toothbrush, it does the work for you. It’s electric. Like you just hold it in a spot. It’s a bobble and a drag. That’s it. That’s it.

[00:21:53] Jason: I’m, writing it bobble and a drag.

[00:21:54] Corina: Bobble and drag 45 degree angle. If you got a regular one, if you got the round brush head, it’s a rock and a roll around the every individual tooth.

[00:22:01] Jason: Okay. All right. Well, I use an electric toothbrush, so now, I use it smarter and stop moving my arm. So when you’re walking into a collaboration with a brand, do you find that they rely on you to come up with the idea or execution or our brands bringing more of a perspective of here’s what we want you to do approach and, and which one works better for you?

[00:22:21] Corina: If I get deals, so I’m like, exclusive with my agents. So that’s where like I can do things on my own as well. So I don’t know, the dynamic of how, like my agent does that, cuz then yes, they outline everything. They have a whole contract, lawyers or whatever that go over everything.

I look at the creative brief that they give and then they want me to just generate a concept based off of that creative.

 When it comes just to me, what I do is I ask them, I’m like, what are you looking for that you think that I can do for you? That’s one of my first questions.

I had like a real estate company reach out to me. I was like, how I turned it down. I asked them, I was like, I don’t personally know how I can benefit you. I was like, that’s not my niche, I don’t wanna waste your money. I don’t wanna waste my time. You know what I mean? Kind of things like that.

But I will just ask them, what can I do for you? What are you looking for? If they’re like, oh, we want like four TikTok tos and blah, blah, blah, blah, and, and we can pay you this much, and it’s a lot less you know, than what I would typically charge.

And so that’s where it’s like, then I have a conversation. I was like, all right, well based off of these deliverables, they’re similar videos that I have done. These were kind of how much it was. Once again, just being very respectful because not every brand will have the budget that these huge companies that are owning everything, you know what I mean? That will have, so it’s like I have to, kind of judge based off of like what I charge, the brand and things like that.

Cause I don’t wanna just be that person that’s like, oh my gosh, like she thinks she’s, oh this and so then I figured that out and we kind of come to a conclusion. I had one that they were like, we want it I, a hundred percent thought they were catering it to the consumer. And they were like, oh, no, like, we wanna cater to the dental professional, which is a totally different shift, in like type of deals that I’ve had. And I was like, okay.

And so I drafted up a brand new concept .I got on the phone with their person, who’s in charge of like, the kind of like the sciencey sales behind us that I would know a little bit more? I, I’ve used the product, but I guess I didn’t, know nearly as much as I thought that I had knew about it.

And so, that also kind of helps. I love getting deals on things that I already use cuz then I can really back it if I like it. But, so then I shifted all entirely the style of content, they approve it. I send a draft with like one round of, of like revisions usually. And then they’re like, okay you’re good to post whenever, during the times that you think are best to post.

So it’s not like I’m gonna post at like 2:00 AM in the morning.

[00:24:48] Jason: Well, again, very refreshing to hear because a lot of, creators will just say, okay, I’ll take the brief and I’ll figure it out. They don’t ask questions. They don’t try to learn more about the product, and, and that obviously comes out in the quality of the engagement and surfaces in the metrics too. It’s just not as good. So, good for you.

Well, Corina, thank you so much for sharing your ideas and insights with us. I know the brands and agencies listening appreciate that. Certainly the content creators out there have been taking some notes today too. I really appreciate you sharing all that with us. Where can people find you on the inner webs if they wanna follow, connect or collaborate?

[00:25:20] Corina: I on the interwebs, I am on Instagram and TikTok, and that is Corina, C O R I N A _9 0 7, which is the Alaska area code, which is where am from

[00:25:30] Jason: Right. Sweet now I gotta go floss.

[00:25:33] Corina: As you should. As you should.

[00:25:36] Jason: I’m guessing that’s the most comfortable conversation you’ve ever had with a dental hygienist. Right? Great stuff there from Corina. Thanks to her for coming on the show. Links to all of her channels TikTok, Instagram, and more are on our show notes page at

Also, if you’re ever looking for a past episode, you can just type in Jason and the name of the guest to get there. So that should work in most cases. Again, this episode is You can also go to, click on articles and find it there.

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And if you need help with your influence marketing strategy, drop me a line at [email protected]. If you were someone you know as an influencer, a brand manager that uses influence marketing or one of the many amazing people working in the influence marketing services world, and they would make a good guest for the show, email me at [email protected]. Our theme music is One More Look by the K Club and Grammy award-winning producer Jaquire King Thanks for listening And remember when it’s not about the person but about It’s Winfluence

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