As the influencer marketing space evolves, so will the tools, platforms and services out there that make things better. We’ve interviewed some folks behind some of these startups here on the show already and we’ll continue to do so. I like to think we’re keeping an eye on what’s out there in case a better mousetrap comes along.

One topic of discussion in the influencer and influence marketing space that has extended into the realm of software solutions and other attempts at making the industry better is the focus on understanding fairness in influencer pay. What should influencers charge? Is that fair compared to other mediums? How much should one with 10,000 followers charge versus 100,000 followers or is there a difference?

Cynthia Ruff has a unique perspective on the problem of pay scales and influencer marketing. She comes from a finance background in which she managed compensation recommendations for clients. So she’s intimately familiar with HR systems and research around fairness in compensation.

But on the side as she worked in that world of compensation speciality, she was also building quite a strong platform of her own at Darling Down South where she is a lifestyle influencer. As the issues she faced along with those tackled every day by influencers, small and large, she saw the need arise for an arbiter in the influencer payment space. Enter Compfident.

That’s the name of Cynthia’s new company. It’s a mashup of Compensation and Confident. The platform what’s influencers to be confident in the compensation they ask for and brands to be confident in the compensation they pay. The site is built on data collected from users, but also from inputs across the spectrum of the influencer marketing space. Brands are giving Compfident input about their budget and fees. Influencers are giving Compfident their campaign information and the platform is connected with many others thanks to Cynthia’s previous relationships.

The platform is new, but Cynthia has a nice roadmap of the kind of resource if can be for the whole industry, not just influencers and not just brands. We dove in and talked about it today on the show. 

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