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What does marketing cost?

The Marketing Pricing Guide began in 2015 with my informal musings on how much various work and output in the greater marketing world cost. Too few businesses had a clear understanding of what it takes to hire an agency, do market research, bring on consultants to handle things like SEO, social media and the like.

The response to that blog post in 2015 was overwhelming. I revisited the topic with a 2017 Marketing Pricing Guide to add more insight and reaffirm what marketing services costs. In 2019, I expanded it from just my informal musings to include survey data from marketing professionals.

The Marketing Pricing Guide survey is cast in the spring of every other year. Its results will be tracked here to help business owners, entrepreneurs and brand marketers understand the various costs of marketing services.

The Marketing Pricing Survey's first iteration was fielded in April and May of 2019. It was promoted via my social channels, including paid promotion on Facebook targeting advertising and marketing agency professionals, consultants and free-lancers. It was also promoted through organic, email marketing asks with a variety of marketing agency networks.

Due to the sensitivity of financial information, no participant is identified or tracked, making it a completely anonymous survey. It is not (yet) intended to be construed as representative sampling or scientific to the point of offering precise pricing recommendations. It is only presented for high level information for consideration.

The intention is to field this survey every two years in April and published revised results from marketing and marketing services costs and prices. Feedback is welcome and encouraged by filling out the form below.

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