The influencer marketing space is overrun with agencies and marketplaces and software solutions and such. It’s hard for a brand to find the right partner to actually solve the specific problems they have that influence can address. 

Case in point, I reached out to a talent agency last week – you know, one that manages talent, like celebrities and influencers. But I made the mistake of using the term “talent management” in my email. I was quickly lectured on the fact they do not provide management services. They provide talent services. 

When you actually narrow down a category of providers in the space … lets say influencer marketing agencies … the water doesn’t get much clearer. There are agencies that build out influencer campaigns and hire and manage talent. Then there are agencies that only manage talent and mislabel themselves as agencies. Some agencies also have software which confuses everyone.

I suppose part of my job on this podcast is to help better define who is what and what is right for various challenges. Which brings me to today’s guest, who has solved quite a number of problems for a lot of brands over the years.

Aliza Freud is the CEO of SheSpeaks. It bills itself as a community of women, not an agency. So that means you can go there to find creators who might partner with your brand. But it started as a consumer insights or research firm where brands could find a focus group of women consumers to inform their marketing and product decisions. It has kept that part of its DNA.

So SheSpeaks is a community of creators and consumers you can tap into for insights to help your brands’ marketing and product decisions, but also to leverage those research panel participants, and others, to turn around and share your brand with their audiences. 

Aliza and I talked about the nuances of SheSpeaks and how both creators and brands can benefit from the community, then we jumped into a really interesting and useful discussion about building influencer marketing strategies overall. You’ll get a lot out of today’s conversation with Aliza Freud.

Find Aliza’s podcast, She Speaks: How She Does It wherever you get your podcasts.

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