What is is like to go through Y-Combinator, one of the most prestigious startup accelerators on the planet? How did WeatherCheck become the first Kentucky company to do it? Those answers and more fell out of the conversation with Demetrius Gray, WeatherCheck’s CEO on this episode of Go Ahead Caller.

WeatherCheck is a Louisville-based startup that connects individuals and businesses with location-based weather information to help them be more effective and efficient with insurance claims, mitigating risk and the like. Insurance companies love WeatherCheck (and are a B2B customer of theirs) because the data helps them understand and plan for their insured better. It’s really kind of a win-win-win scenario and as a result, Demetrius and Company are on the path to becoming a multi-million dollar, or even billion-dollar company.

I also talk about my 2019 Digital Marketing Pricing Survey I’d like everyone who sells marketing services in some shape or form to take, and my first official Go Ahead Caller rant is about S’mores. You’ll love (or hate) it.

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Be sure to sign your property up (free for individuals) at WeatherCheck.co!

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