Two posts on stand out as the most popular in the site’s short history. By far. My quite unofficial, but certainly useful diatribe about marketing prices for various services and levels of execution back in 2015 was a smashing success. It was so much of one I rewrote and added on to the piece two years after.

Two more years have passed.

Marketing prices for digital services

But this time, instead of just waxing poetic on what marketing services should cost depending on what market you are in, what level of expertise you need, the size of the team required to complete the task and so on, I feel like it is time to formalize this information into a survey.

The Survey

If you are a digital marketing professional, please take a few minutes (shouldn’t take more than five) to answer a few, mostly multiple choice questions, about the type of business you represent (looking for everything from independent consultants to global agencies run by holding companies) and what you typically charge for various services. No contact information is required or tracked by me so you have full protection in your anonymity.

The point is to formalize data round a 2019 Digital Marketing Pricing Guide and have it live as an industry resource here on the blog and wherever else people choose to embed or publish the data after the fact. My hope is to illustrate average prices for various digital marketing disciplines, then break each down by market size, agency size and more.

Ultimately, this should be a great community service to our brand-side brethren, as well as job seekers, independent consultants and current agency/firm staff alike.

And do please share this page and this survey with a friend. The direct link is to this page, or:

If you would rather share and send as a Google Document, that link is:

My plan is to field survey answers until May 1, 2019 or until I have enough responses to justify tabulating and sharing. All direct answers will be shared here on Cross-tabulations and by-products of the survey will also emerge here and there, but my intent is not to sell or keep the data private.

Thank you for participating. Dig in!

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