Yes. You read the headline right. I once gave Ted Kennedy booze. I was 10. Years old. True story.

Thanks to some weather issues that impacted my guest on today’s live recording of The Jason Falls Show – A Marketing Podcast – I had to resort to storytelling and so I did. I’m sure many people wish the story I told was a tall tale, but in fact, it is 100 percent true. There’s even a picture of prove part of it.

In this episode of the podcast, I tell the story of how a 10-year-old me gave one of the more well-known political figures of the last 50 years a pint of moonshine. I spend some time talking a bit more about yesterday’s blog post where I yelled at IZEA a bit, and we cover a new feature rolling out soon, if not already, from Twitter. Will it make a difference? Find out my take on it by listening to the show!

Jason Falls with his Ted Kennedy newspaper picture

Here’s a run down of the various links and resources I talked about on the show:

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