Many of you know I host another podcast on the Marketing Podcast Network called Digging Deeper. Occasionally on that show, we interview someone that has a perspective or focus on something that either is, or is related closely to influencer marketing. When we do, I like to share that interview here as well. Why not make sure you get the good intel, too.

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey. Those names may or may not ring a bell with you, but they might if you just call them, Mark and Fey. They are The Grill Dads. Hosts of the popular Food Network show where two backyard grill jockeys cook up tasty recipes and some good humor for all to see.

But Mark and Fey are actually ad agency guys who started cooking out for friends, then for some pop-up restaurants and food trucks in the Los Angeles area. They entered one of Guy Fieri’s cooking competitions and won.

Now, they don’t do just the show even now. They have day jobs, Ryan is still a creative director in the ad world Mark is running a different kind of business these days, but still with his normal creative tendencies. 

I talked to the Grill Dads about the show, the social engine that drives it, where they see content marketing and creative leading both brands and influencers these days, and a lot more. It was a fun, funny and useful conversation. So I’ve pulled that interview out of Digging Deeper to share with you today. 

While I’m thinking about it, though, you should jump over and subscribe to Digging Deeper as well if you aren’t already. On that show, I tend to talk more to brand-side marketers and experts about marketing strategy, creative and such from a more broad level than we typically get into on Winfluence. 

You can find that show and links to all its various subscription platforms at

And stick around after the interview. I’ve got a few housekeeping notes that will be of interest to you about some events.

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