The word affinity has a wide range of meanings. The core one is,  a relationship by marriage. That’s according to Merriam-Webster. But it can also mean a similarity based on a relationship or causal connection. 

Which is to say the spectrum of the relationship can be strong. Or not so strong. 

I have an affinity for bourbon. But I also have an affinity for Hanson’s 1997 album Middle of Nowhere. I can live without one of those, so the affinity is different.

And that is the underlying factor a good influence marketing strategist needs to keep in mind, about using affinity as a filter for influencer prioritization. If you’re not familiar with affinity and how that applies to influencer marketing, get out your notebooks. Today on Winflunce, we’ll take a quick look at affinity. What it means in the context of influence marketing and how you can use it to produce more successful influence marketing campaigns. 

A lot of the inspiration and learning I’ve been doing about affinity that you’ll hear in today’s episode comes by way of my use of and relationship with Tagger. It is a complete influencer marketing software platform that allows you to find, engage, book, collaborate, pay and measure influencers. Tagger is also the presenting sponsor of this podcast and the platform I use in my day-to-day work at Cornett to manage the influence marketing efforts of our clients.

In fact, Tagger has some proprietary affinity algorithms that do a lot of the discovery and connections for you in the tool. I’m going to talk about how they all happen today so you can know what to look for without it. But why wouldn’t you explore doing all this work with a platform that can help, like Tagger. 

I highly recommend you give Tagger a look-see. Go to and sign up for a free demo today. It might just be the influence marketing management solution you’re looking for.

And the influencers and brands I use as examples in this episode for visual reference are:

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