New research around video marketing, especially adding video to your search efforts and incorporating YouTube in search strategies, is out from Google and the 4A’s. While both of those parties greatly benefit from you spending more on video marketing, the research is compelling: Start doing video if you aren’t already.

I talk about video marketing in light of the research, dive deeper into the usefulness of video marketing platforms like our sponsor Switcher Studio and answer LinkedIn Live questions during this episode of Go Ahead Caller.

And, toward the end, I open up the conversation of diversity hiring in the marketing, PR and digital industries. It’s high time we talked about the topic more so we can close the hiring gap and bring more diversity to our workforces and more work to diverse talent.

Dial it up!

Jason Falls on video marketing

Here are some of the links we talked about on the show:

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Join me next week live on LinkedIn for the live recording of the podcast. My guest next week is none other than the impeccably dressed Scott Monty. He’s the former director of social media for Ford Motor Company and still one of the most sought after thought leaders in the digital space.

We hit the airwaves at 8 a.m. ET, 5 a.m. PT. Just follow me on LinkedIn for those nifty “He’s Live!” notifications in your stream and join us. Or subscribe to the podcast feed where we post the audio recordings after. And I add a food-for-thought shorter episode each Friday to help you with your marketing and business challenges.

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