Leigh Durst has developed a new organizational theory around our operational style — how you interact with, manage and are managed by your work colleagues. And she’s wrapped it all up nicely in her new book, “Walk, Climb or Fly: Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace Wilderness.”

I’ve read it and it’s mightily interesting.

She joined me this week on Go Ahead Caller to talk about walkers, climbers and flyers — her three operational style categories — and how to both work with and for, as well as manage, each.

Plus, I talk about how the media landscape is making our communities less safe and what you can do about it. Dial it up, gang! Like, comment or share and spread the love.

Find Leigh online at her blog, LivePath, the book website, Walk, Climb or Fly or on Twitter or LinkedIn. And do get this book. It’s a smart way to think about your own career and managing relationships with those around you at work.

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