If you want to see both a great B2B Social Media Case Study and how to tap dance and fix a live video production on the fly, this week’s episode of Go Ahead Caller is just what the doctor ordered. David Fishburn from WireCrafters joined me to talk about how his indoor wire caging and framing company does B2B digital marketing and B2B social media. And the camera feed dropped in the middle of the show!

While I fumbled around for a couple minutes trying to fix it, you can watch my improv tap dance and ultimate necessary solution to get David and the content everyone came for right back on the air. It’s funny, if anything else. But you still get to learn a lot from David and how WireCrafters is reinventing the way people think about B2B social media.

Dial it up!

Special thanks to David and the folks at WireCrafters for hanging in there with me on this episode. Technical issues are frustrating. Technical issues during a live broadcast are just embarrassing.

Find David on LinkedIn or Facebook. WireCrafters is online at wirecrafters.com. Their social media magic can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Do you have someone in the marketing world you would like me to invite on the show? Drop your suggestions in the comments or send them to me on the social networks (I’m @JasonFalls almost everywhere) or via email at jason – at – jasonfalls.com.

Join me each Tuesday morning between 8 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. ET for a Facebook Live broadcast of Go Ahead Caller. And share the show with your friends. Or may your live broadcast be as fun as that one was. Heh.

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