It’s been a minute. If you haven’t noticed, Winfluence has been on a bit of a holiday hiatus. Honestly, its a good thing for me … client work ramped up toward the end of the year and I simply didn’t have enough time to fit in the weekly interviews and production to give you an episode worth listening to.
Instead of rushing to crank out something mediocre, I opted to step back, focus on the client work and reassess what Winfluence is and can be. For the last few weeks, I’ve thought long and hard about the show. I even entertained the notion that maybe it had run its course and wasn’t worth the energy to crank out more episodes in 2024. 
But then two things happened. First, I thought about the state of things. And to be quite honest, we’re not done. There’s a lot still to accomplish in influence marketing. A good portion of the industry is still falling over itself doing things poorly. 

The bigger the creator, the more likely you’re going to have to deal with talent managers. 
Every talent manager I talk to these days seems to be more and more out of touch with the reality brands face with budgets and return on their marketing dollar.
Brand managers are still pushing influencers to just be advertising shills.
And we are still thinking of influencers as the key to success, when the whole premise of this show and my approach to the craft is centered around the influence … not the influencer. 
It’s about to be 2024. And most of the people in the industry spending dollars on influence marketing are still functioning like it’s 2007.
The other thing that informed my thinking, I want to save for later, so listen to the full episode for that.
In this episode of Winfluence, I’m going to list some things that are still broken about our industry. I’m going to carve out a few ideas on what we can do to fix them. And I’ll recommit to you that this show is not only not going away, we’re just getting started.
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