One of the many podcasts I listen to regularly is The Marketing Book Podcast with Douglas Burdett. He sits down weekly with an author of a marketing book—one that he has read—and does a deep dive into the book. You get a great feel for what the book has to offer, who the author is, and a little about their background, so you can make an intelligent decision as to which books to take your time to read.

The podcast has 25-30,000 monthly listeners according to PodchaserPro. Douglas is an influencer for those who are looking for marketing advice.

When I sat out to promote Winfluence – Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, I had three podcasts I had to be on. This was one of them.

Well, I made it.

Dive into a lively and fun discussion and give it a listen right here. We talk through lots of tidbits about the book, but also bourbon and Douglas reveals a couple things about me you may not know. It’s a good listen.


Super thanks to Douglas and the Sales Artillery team for having me on the show. I’m truly humbled by it.

See more episodes of The Marketing Book Podcast at

Note: Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

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