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The Teen Angst Irony of Social Marketing

There’s little argument that social media has changed the way we think about business, about marketing and about consumer behavior. Whether or not most businesses have figure out how to properly prioritize, leverage and measure social channels, everyone can admit social is a big factor in how they think these days. But remember the good […]

Join The Movement To #updatecanspam And Refine PR Spam

The public relations world that does know me, knows I like to kick up dust. In fact, my first national speaking engagement was a talk with Cision’s Heidi Sullivan and Jay Krall at PRSA Digital in New York after I criticized media database firms like theirs for being complicit in PR spam. John Cass and […]

A Practical Reaction To Business Valuation and Investments

It’s become an amusing hobby of mine to pick on Jeremiah Owyang for his giddiness over what he calls the “collaborative economy.” Services that, through some aspect of consumer sharing or non-traditional commerce are disrupting old guard ways of doing things. For example, Uber is often cited as being “collaborative” by Jeremiah. But it’s not. […]

Good Advertising Does Work

And here we are, the day after Super Bowl XLIX. It’s back to the grind for the social media talking heads, the digital marketing gurus and the PR pitch artists. And that means it’s back to telling everyone that advertising doesn’t work. Except today, all we’ll talk about are which television commercials were our favorite […] Founder Curtis Now Hopes To Disrupt Government

Independent candidates fight an uphill battle in any election. It’s as if they’re driving against a blinding snowstorm of big company money and contributions, nonchalant dismissal as legitimate leaders from opponents and media alike, or, if they actually gain traction, character assassinations from the left and the right. Fitting then that the first real snow […]

If You Do Software or Sales Demos, Please Read This

For the last 8-10 years or so, I have been an informal analyst of sorts in the social technology space. As a result of that, I’ve had to use, review and get to know dozens, if not hundreds, of software companies. Everyone who has launched a social media marketing toolset in the last decade has […]

The 2015 Pricing Guide To Getting Marketing Done

NOTE: The 2015 Marketing Pricing Guide inspired a full bi-annual effort to offer insights into what marketing costs across a range of disciplines and executional needs. Please see the main Marketing Pricing Guide menu to see updated information from 2017 and 2019 surveys. A small business owner I spoke with last week needed a marketing pricing guide. […]

Crisis Communications: Social Media Destroys Consumer Objectivism

The problem with crisis communications is that when people feel wronged, we yearn for sympathy. It is our human nature to wish both for someone to assure us that we are justified in that negative emotion and reassure us that someone will take the blame for whatever misdeed occurred. When businesses or their employees wrong us, […]

Drinking The Podcast Kool-Aid, But Not Making It … Yet

I am not a regular podcast listener. They tend to aggravate me. Understand that it’s not that I don’t like the content or the hosts or even most guests. It’s all the technical execution of the show that drives me nuts. Perhaps it is helpful to know that my first job out of college was […]

AllState Sparks Mayhem For Social Media Users

The Sugar Bowl, generously sponsored by AllState Insurance New Year’s Day, was certainly the more entertaining of the two national semifinal football games. But for social media users and enthusiasts, there was a disturbing undertow, brought to you by AllState as well. The company’s popular Mayhem Campaign — admittedly clever and entertaining — made its […]

What Hath Social Media Wrought?

In the coming year, the average American will consume 15.5 hours of media every day. We’ve come quite a long way from the 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On) days, and that was just 1992. In 2015, there are countless television networks, radio stations, satellite and streaming radio channels, media websites, blogs, social networks and beyond. […]

Who Are You, And How Did You Get On My Facebook Feed?

If you’re like me, you need to see a psychiatric professional. But if you share the same experience I do on Facebook, you see a lot of people in your stream posting items you don’t care about.  For me, if it’s not sports, digital marketing or Elizabeth Shue, I  wonder who you are and why we are friends? […]

How To Explain Hashtags To Your Grandmother

I am asked a lot of questions about things people see on the Interwebs. It seems like nearly every Thanksgiving, Christmas or Arbor Day a relative corners me at the dinner table to ask me about hashtags (or something along those lines). Sometimes they ask, “Why are we gathering for a meal on Arbor Day?” Digressing […]

The Idiot Magnet Facebook Killers

Once a year or so someone comes out with the newer, better, faster, smarter social media platform. And it is often billed as – wait for it – a “Facebook killer!” People openly beg for invites. “Please, oh please! I have to get in!” You’d think they were teenagers at the Playboy mansion’s velvet rope […]

Noted Ad Guy Says Ad Guys Don’t Exist Anymore

“I think being an ad guy doesn’t really exist anymore, does it?” That was the rhetorical answer Steven Grasse gave in my recent interview with him for ThisMoment in Content Marketing, a video series I’m doing for ThisMoment. He went on to say equally as revealing things, adding, “I mean nobody looks at advertising … no […]
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