Selling direct on your website is challenging in an Amazon-led e-commerce world. So is balancing that direct e-commerce business and serving retail channels as well. Peter Friedmann of DEMDACO visits the podcast to talk marketing in a multi-pronged world, the Corona Virus situation for retail channels and more.

Then I share some ideas on working from home — not that I’m an expert on the subject, but I have worked from home on and off for a long time. Plus, thanks to my amazing girlfriend Julie, an elementary school teacher, I share ideas from her about engaging and managing your children at home while trying to work. Just some tips to help folks through the challenges of confinement while we deal with the current pandemic situation.

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And here are some other links we mentioned in the show:

You can find Peter on LinkedIn and DEMDACO You can also see its beautiful products on the company’s Instagram feed.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed as we’re starting to add interview episodes there only. When I travel and have a chance to catch up with notable folks, smarty pantses and such, I try to grab some time with them to share knowledge with you. Go to wherever you get your podcasts and search for Jason Falls.

We’ll still have a weekly Tuesday morning live show on Linked in. That airs live at 8 a.m. Eastern, 5 a.m. Central. If you can’t join us live the audio recording will hit the podcast feed later that morning. Next week’s guest is Matthew Sweezey, author of the new book The Context Marketing Revolution.

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