Toni Deckers is trying to build a crowdfunded sit-com. Yep. You read that right. The actress and jazz singer, who happens to be the wife of my No Bullshit Social Media co-author Erik Deckers, launched an IndieGoGo campaign recently to crowdfund production of a pilot for Polk Fiction.

Erik and Jack Lugar wrote the pilot, Toni chose the cast and crew from her group of entertainment industry friends in central Florida, and the project is taking root. (Disclosure: I’ve donated to the crowdfunding effort and would love to see it come to life.) Both Toni and Erik joined me on the podcast to talk about the show, how the idea for it and the crowdfunded sit-com approach and what could become of it if they’re successful.

And talking to two really good friends on the show makes for a fun, raucous interview. Enjoy this one, gang, and do share it. I’d love to see them produce the pilot and have a show to pitch to the TV networks.

The cast of Polk Fiction - A crowdsourced sit-com

The IndieGoGo page where you can support the show is at The show has a neat Facebook page where the cast posts some cool videos about the project.

Toni Deckers and her amazing music can be found online at You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter. Erik Deckers’s content marketing agency is ProBlogService. You can also find his author page and various books at Amazon. He’s also on LinkedIn and Twitter, too.

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