What if you could hit a brand analytics button and find out where your brand ranked against its category competitors on volume of organic content versus volume of sponsored content? What if you could then see how your engagement rate on your content stacks up against your competition, both from your organic posts and sponsored posts — the ones that appear on your influencer’s feeds, not just your own?

Pretty handy information, huh?

IZEA has it. Or at least has it coming with the newest iteration of its BrandGraph feature.

Want proof? Okay:

IZEA's BrandGraph Chart for Sponsored Content Engagement

What you’re looking at is a Sponsored Content Engagement comparison chart for the Chips category. Cheetos, which leads the category overall in volume of content and such, actually falls behind most of its top competitors. Cheetos is the first, grey line in the image. Kettle Chips is the category leader in engagement on sponsored content. Stacy’s and Funions follow. Only Terra and Doritos, at the bottom, have lower engagement levels than Cheetos. So while the brand can be proud to lead the category these brand analytics tell them sponsored content is falling more flat in engagement. Maybe they need to choose different or better engaging influencers?

You should actually watch the BrandGraph video to really get an idea of how powerful it is.

IZEA BrandGraph Beta Overview from IZEA on Vimeo.

Essentially, using the visual search element within the tool, BrandGraph records which overt, called out brands are mentioned in a post, but then adds other brands. So it can see a sponsored content post for Kroger but also tag Hellman’s Mayonnaise in the post since there’s a jar of it in the image. Now Hellman’s brand team can see a more inclusive view of where they appear across a wider swath of the visual web.

All these innovations are only available to the IZEA premium customers, which is a cost-prohibitive level for many businesses. But if you’re a major brand investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in influencer marketing, or just want to get a better hold on your actual impact to an online audience, you’d be foolish not to invest in it.

You can learn more at the IZEA website.

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