Few people know how to build communications strategies for business growth like Barbara Hannan. She was an instrumental figure behind the Groundswell Award-winning case study of community and influencer strategies executed by Pitney Bowes over the course of the last few years. Her years of experience as a communications strategist puts her in elite company working with Fortune 100 brands on connecting with audiences through community networks.

I sat down with Barbara on The Jason Falls Show this week to talk about communications strategies for growth for businesses, how influencers not only play a part, but how they are far broader than what we often think of as influencers, and much more. Give it a listen and take some strategy tips from a master of the craft.

Barbara Hannan talks Communication Strategies on the marketing podcast

Find Barbara online at LinkedIn or Twitter.

And more about the Pitney Bowes case study can be found in its announcement for the Groundswell Award the program won here.

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