Have you joined the Context Marketing Revolution? You should. Or at least read the new book of that title from Salesforce’s Mathew Sweezey. Today’s marketing is not about attention getting or reach and awareness, but about addressing a consumer’s need in context. I talked to Sweezey about the book and how we can all best approach customers in context on this week’s podcast.

The show also includes some helpful tips and observations on working from home after a week of collaborating with my Cornett colleagues and clients. There are some efficiency improvement ideas in there for your video conference calls I think many of you will appreciate.

Dial it up, gang! Then share it with a friend who might like it, too!

And here are some other links we mentioned in the show:

You can find Mathew on LinkedIn and Twitter. The Context Marketing Revolution can be found on Amazon as well.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed as we’re starting to add interview episodes there only. When I travel and have a chance to catch up with notable folks, smarty pantses and such, I try to grab some time with them to share knowledge with you. Go to wherever you get your podcasts and search for Jason Falls.

We’ll still have a weekly Tuesday morning live show on Linked in. That airs live at 8 a.m. Eastern, 5 a.m. Central. If you can’t join us live the audio recording will hit the podcast feed later that morning. Next week’s guest is Jim Joseph, president of notable ad firm BCW (Burson Cohn and Wolfe) and author of the new book The Conscious Marketer. Don’t miss that next Tuesday, March 31.

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