If you’ve listened to Winfluence for any length of time, you know that for the influencers and content creators out there, I’m bullish on building and growing your owned content channels. Blogs, websites, email newsletters, podcasts … the properties where you own the content and the audience. As opposed to social networks where your content is on someone else’s website and the audience is not yours but theirs.

So I typical recommend content creators consider starting a podcast. It’s a great way to have a deeper, more personal and long-form connection with your audience. It’s also a great way to network with other creators and grow your audience by having them on as guests, assuming they’ll promote their episode to their followers. Most people do. 

But I also make that recommendation with a caveat: You have to really want to do it to make it work. If you are hesitant at all, hosting your own podcast isn’t a good idea. But you can still leverage other people’s podcasts by being a guest. Share your insights and opinions with other people’s audiences in hopes they’ll come over and become a member of  your following, too.

Brittany Brown and Rob Winters were so frustrated finding great guests for their agency’s podcast, they started what is essentially a dating app for podcast hosts and potential guests. It’s called PodOps. It’s an app. You download it to your phone. If you host a podcast you set up a host profile. If you want to promote yourself as a guest, you set up a guest profile.

The app then matches interests and subject matters in a dating app style connection. The hosts find guests they’re interested in. The guests find relevant podcasts to be on and spread their message. 

I invited Brittany and Rob to come on the show and talk about the ins and outs of the app and who it benefits the most. But we also talked about the explosion of podcasting in general. Why your business or brand, whether it’s as a creator or a more traditional company, should start a podcast and a lot more.

Even if you’re just interested in being a guest on podcasts, you should give today’s episode a listen. It’ll help steer you in a good direction. You just might find PodOps is a great way to get booked … or find guests.

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