What if we have the formula for influencer marketing all wrong? What if all this organic content creation and brand collaborations is like driving the wrong way down a one-way street?

I’m not throwing this out there as hyperbole. I mean it. What if we have it all wrong?

Let’s deconstruct the construct for a minute. What we’re trying to do is persuade an audience to take action. We want them to buy or try our product, become more aware of what we’re doing or persuade them to think a certain way about one thing or another. 

Where is influencer marketing in that equation? In the middle. They are a channel to get to that audience, assuming we can’t get to them otherwise. Or perhaps it’s an additional way to get to them to compliment the other paths we carve.

The question we raise here on Winfluence frequently is why, then, are we focused on the influencer if what we’re really trying to do is influence? We need to be focused more on the audience.

What if we could target an influencer’s audience, but not have to risk taking anything away from their relationship with their audience, and still compensate them for being able to do so?

One company has taken that approach … reverse engineer the process and focus on getting brand advertisements in front of the most relevant segment of an influencer’s audience … the actual people, not look-a-likes … to compare ad performance against its regular social ad buys. When you find an influencer audience segment that works, you’re more efficient and effective with your spend and succeed faster.

The company is called Posse.io. It’s CEO and founder Aaron Bruce and I caught up recently to blow up everything we’ve thought was the best way to leverage influencers and chart a different path to influence marketing, without disregarding or disrespecting the influencers. In fact, brands using Posse.io’s approach not only compensate the influencer, but help them keep sponsored content from watering down their organic, high-engagement posts. 

Get out your notebooks and open your minds today, kids. We’re going to look at the industry very differently after you hear my chat with Bruce today on the show.

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