Without question, the number one issue that brands and agencies have in the influencer marketing space is simply finding the right influencers to use for a campaign. While that might seem like a simple solution to solve for (there’s a whole industry of software companies with search algorithms meant to do so), typing a few characteristics into a search engine isn’t really a good solution, regardless of how complex the search engine’s algorithm is. 

 But the issue with identifying the right influencers isn’t solely left with software. The issue of discovery is layered and complex. The software is just one method and mechanism. This may come as a shock to you but there are influential people you should be engaging that aren’t on social media. Or at least that’s not where they have the strongest connection to their audience.

 And of course, no matter how complete your list of potential influence partners and creators, you also have to factor in the various opinions of the stakeholders in the selection process. 

Influencer discovery is a mess. I’ll explain more about why and offer some thoughts on how to fix it in today’s commentary.

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