As you know here on Winfluence, we spend a good deal of time talking to influencers and content creators. We also have had the chance to dive into the talent management side of the industry and see the space from the angle of someone who is mindful of the creator’s business and the brand’s needs in interacting with them.

On this episode, we have an interesting and rare treat. Molly Tracy is a talent manager who came from the brand and agency side of things only to go out on her own and start VRAI Digital, her own talent management firm. 

Jess Keys is a popular lifestyle blogger and influencer … @JessKeys_ on Instagram. She is also one of Molly Tracy’s clients. I rolled the dice and asked them both to come on the show … together. I wanted to talk to the talent and the talent manager about that relationship, how they collaborate to serve brands and Jess’s audience in authentic ways, what the challenges of being talent in today’s volatile market place are and more.

We had such a fun discussion, I kept pushing a little deeper and even got both of them to answer a hot-button question … what do they think of the influencer marketing software companies and managed services? Those are set up to serve the brands. But are they set up to serve the creators? You might be surprised at their answers. 

Let’s just say the software company folks might want to get out some note pads and pens to take some notes. You might also want some ice packs and band aids. This one might hurt a little.

An honest and revealing discussion about being the talent … and being the talent manager … is on this episode of Winfluence.

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