Getting to know the influence marketing ecosystem is one of those things I geek out on. And fortunately for me, there’s a lot of geeking to be had. Our industry is still in its infancy. Every day it seems a new software firm or managed service or agency or even podcast or book pops up.

All those are good things. The more solutions are out there, the sooner we will as an industry grow up, mature and become more consistent and reliable for brands, agencies, software platforms, managers and influencers, too. 

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Looking For Help With Influencer Marketing?

Large or small, I can help. Maybe directly. Or perhaps I can just help find the right partner to take that pain point away. Let’s chat and see where I can be of service.

Now, in my day job at Cornett, influence marketing is very important, but it’s not the only thing we do. So small businesses or startups that need consulting don’t typically fit into what I can provide. Lately, I’ve found that I needed either a small firm or an independent consultant to either manage something for us or to just refer the business to.

That’s why I was excited to get to know our guest today. Meredith Jacobson is an independent consultant, but one that has gone a step further to provide the industry with something unique and incredibly useful. Her experience at big agencies like Digitas and influencer marketing firms like Studio71 and Branded Entertainment Network helped her see the gaps in the ecosystem.

So, she started a community … a network of sorts … of independent influencer marketing consultants, each who owns their own business, but Meredith has brought them together to be a connected web of providers businesses of all sizes can leverage.

If someone reaches out to Meredith for something in healthcare (as an example) and Meredith either is full up or not the most experienced healthcare advisor, she has a network of other providers she can immediately tap into in order to solve the client’s problem.


We talked about her community and why there was such a need for it, but more importantly we dove into her perspective on what brands and agencies are doing right and wrong, the shift I’ve perceived in brands attitudes toward influence marketing as a practice and much more. 

Meredith has a really smart perspective about the practice, the industry and is grounded in a great philosophical position around what we do. You’ll enjoy hearing what she has to say today.

Today’s episode is sponsored by my friends at Tagger.

It is the influence marketing software I’m using Cornett. They sponsor the show and provide us with their fantastic software to use.

I’ve told you how easy it was for me to kick out some campaign reports for the influence efforts I’m managing. Here’s all the information I have on the campaign report … and remember … I built this in five minutes using Tagger’s drag and drop report builder. But here’s all the things the client sees in either a webpage version of the report or a PDF I can kick out on a daily basis if needed:

The first page has the overall campaign performance in a succinct chart broken down by platform. So I see that this particular campaign currently has a reach of 2.4 million people and 102,000 total impressions. I see my total engagement, engagement rate and the organic lift for the content. But I see that broken down by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

I then have a timeline chart so the brand team can see how the volume of content has hit over the last couple of months.

Page two breaks it all down by creator. So I get to see all those performance metrics by influencer. This makes it super easy to see who is performing well for us and who might need some help, paid spend to supplement their post and so on.

Next I have a list of the top Instagram posts for the campaign and their corresponding metrics, then Facebook. Then YouTube … you get the picture.

The drag-and-drop data options allowed me to build the report my client wanted and finds useful in a matter of minutes. You can have that too if you switch to Tagger.

You can see more at Tagger is the new influencer marketing campaign software of choice for me. I hope it will be for you, too.

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