Probably the most frequent quality of influencer selection I’ve talked about in the last month or so is brand alignment. Does the influencer match your brand in terms of values, aesthetics and beyond. The more aligned your influencers and content creators are with your values, your brand voice and perhaps content pillars, the easier their audience will make that leap to accepting you as a trustworthy brand. And the better your brand will be able to see relevant growth and engagement from their followers.

Julianne Fraser is someone who believes steadfastly in the value of brand alignment. She started out building influencer campaigns and executions way back in 2013 in the hospitality industry. She then launched her own influencer marketing firm called Dialogue New York and now boasts a stable of amazing fashion, style and beauty influencers and campaigns.

I invited Julianne to come on the show so we could dig into that concept of brand alignment. We got into a deep discussion about that and several other topics. And Julianne had a quick answer to my rant on the last episode of Winfluence. I claimed in that show that affiliate marketing and influencers will not work. Julianne explained how she layers that in with other ideas to prove me wrong.

Which is fine. I’m used to that.

But pay attention and take notes on this episode. Julianne and I have a delightful conversation about influencers, alignment, driving ROI and more.

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