Justin Hall, one of the geniuses behind BitSource and the economic development effort in Eastern Kentucky to teach coal miners how to code, has interesting thoughts on the future of web development for marketers. So I invited him on Go Ahead Caller to talk about the state and future of web dev and how marketing professionals and business owners can tap into coders for future success.

Justin and I have known each other almost all our lives — we attended Model City Day Care together in the 1970s. He developed a lot of applications in the 2000s that helped people customize kitchens for cabinet and home improvement companies and found himself in a position a few years back answering the question, “Can you teach miners to code?” He said yes and quickly became one of the hottest commodities in tech.

Justin was named one of Fast Company’s Top 100 Creative People in Business in 2017. He now leads code bootcamps — training whomever wants to enroll to code — at Awesome Inc., in Lexington, Ky. Check out our conversation, which touched on code, development, marketing, career placement and more.

Justin Hall on the Future of Web Development for Marketers

Justin Hall can be found on all the social networks as @jhalljhall and online at JustinHall.com or at Awesome Inc.. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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