If you whittled down the biggest questions and problems brand managers are asking about today in influencer marketing, two of the top couple would be, “What’s the deal with TikTok?” and “What does this influencer marketing jazz even get for me?”

The TikTok issue is layered, but one problem area has been related to the other. With no direct access to TikTok’s API, no one can really quantify success there other than knowing how many views a given creator’s video earned.

But some big news hit recently as TikTok finally opened its Creator Marketplace API. Now, marketers can access all that TikTik creator data to more effectively plan, execute and report on TikTok campaigns. One of the software companies that was an Alpha partners for the API development was Captiv8, a soup-to-nuts influencer marketing platform serving enterprise clients. 

Krishna Subramanian is Captiv8’s CEO. He joined me to dig into what the TikTok Creator Marketplace API means for the marketplace. But he also shared with me that for a retailer case study using the API, Captiv8 ran some additional effectiveness measures using consumer surveys that answers a lot of that second question.

For the first time that I know of, we have an example of a specific influence marketing execution that we can accurately report its effect on purchase intent, recommendation intent and beyond. 

Krishna shared details there, told me more about Captiv8 and who the platform is right for, and put on his crystal ball lens to offer an opinion on what we as marketers need to be watching out for in the coming 18- to 24-months.

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