One of the industry resources I lean on to keep up with what is happening in the influencer marketing space is the Fourth Floor Newsletter, an email newsletter from an influencer marketing firm based in the United Kingdom. 

I came about it because it’s authored by Scott Guthrie, a counterpart of mine, of sorts, in England, who has a finger on the pulse of the industry there and around the globe. I listen to Scott’s podcast and know he’s incredibly knowledgeable about the space, so a newsletter offered by him is a no-brainer. 

But the newsletter is unique in that it’s not Scott’s newsletter. It belongs to Fourth Floor, the agency. They are an influencer marketing firm practicing influencer marketing. They’ve engaged an influencer in the niche to produce content on their behalf. And their marketing is better for it.

Rich Keith is the CEO of Fourth Floor. It was his vision and relationship with Scott that led to the partnership. He happens to also be a thought leader in the space and has built a successful firm around creating great content and connecting brands with influencers with innovative and interesting executions.

I caught up with Rich and we just talked about the industry. We touched on what influencers and brands may be doing wrong … or at least missing … today, the difference between an average influencer’s content and an exceptional influencer’s content and a lot more. Rich has interesting insights about TikTok’s pluses and minuses that are very helpful for your thinking.

We also talked about the next wave of growth for influencers and their audiences in the coming years. That’s well worth taking into consideration. 

Rich comes from a publishing background and he and his team are plugged into the gaming community as well. So we talked a bit about that niche, Twitch and some other topics that helped me get smarter about the space.

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